Mikroballoon 3 Boxes

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Mikroballoon 3 Boxes

Change BEGINS With You!

Focus On Change With Mikro'BALLOON!

Mikro’BALLOON can be used for portion and nutritional balance with its rich nutrients containing herbal hydrogels and vitamins.  Balance is a center of nutrition. Eating a balanced portion means not only getting enough of specific nutrients, but also eating the right number of calories for your size. So you should not go to extremes. Stay Balanced with Mikro'BALLOON! Don't Delay, Do It Today!

Is the Mikro'BALLOON safe as a dietary supplement?

Of course, Mikro'BALLOON is an approved and licensed dietary supplement. Its production is done under GMP conditions and ISO 22000 Food Safety system is strictly followed. Mikro'BALLOON is also covered by HALAL FOOD.

Does Mikro'BALLOON have any side effects like drugs?

No. Mikro'BALLOON is not a drug, it is a functional dietary supplement. It does not contain any chemical agents or harmful substances. Since Mikro'BALLON is a dietary supplement and contains natural herbal hydrogels, it can be consumed safely.

Who can use Mikro'BALLOON?

Mikro'BALLOON is recommended for use by healthy people. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

Is Mikro'BALLOON a Miracle Product?

No. Mikro'BALLOON is not a miracle product and should not be used as such. In addition, it should not be considered that it provides an effect or benefit by creating a difference in the functioning of the metabolism, fat burning or metabolism acceleration.

For What Purpose May I Use Mikro'BALLOON?

Mikro'BALLOON has been developed as a ''New Age Hunger Management'' product. As a dietary supplement, it is safe to be consumed daily. It can be used before meals with water or any healthy beverage.

Do the herbal hydrogels swell in the shape of a bubble?

No. Bubble-shaped swelling does not occur. Herbal ingredients contain mucilages in their structures. Mucilages are hydrogel-like structures, have the ability to absorb water. There is a swelling similar to how sponges absorb water in micronized scales. Therefore, no visible swelling occurs.

Do the hydrogels within the Mikro'BALLOON swell in an uncontrolled manner?

No. They never swell uncontrollably. Herbal hydrogels swell by absorbing water. Thus, It is impossible for them to swell more than amount of the consumed drinks.

Does the Mikro'BALLOON cause congestion in the intestines?

No. Such a situation is quite out of the question. Herbal hydrogels are digested through the digestive system. Consuming the Mikro'BALLOON is as natural as consuming vegetables.

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