Faq About Online Amazon Shopping In Pakistan On Shopusa.Pk

Why Should I Choose Shopusa.pk?

If you are concerned about the quality of the product and interested in using the products that are used by the people of western countries then shopusa.pk is the best place to visit. We import several kinds of original and high quality products i.e. Beauty, Health and Personal Care, Apparel and Accessories, Electronics, Cell Phone accessories, Cameras, Laptops and Tablets, Photo and Video, Tools, Watches, Jewelry, Software, Wallets and Purses, Toys, etc directly from Amazon, Newegg, Walmart, eBay, Overstock, DHgate, Quirky and Rakuten for the customers from Pakistan.

How Do I Register On Shopusa.pk?

The procedure of registration on shopusa.pk is very simple and free. Anyone can sign up easily on shopusa.pk for free and can order high-quality products within a few minutes.

How Can I Search For Products On Shopusa.pk?

To facilitate our customers, we have provided 3 different ways to search original and high-quality products on Shopusa.pk:

  1. You can select the category and you will see a list of products you are looking for. You can further scroll down to enter a subcategory and look for specific products according to your choice.
  2. You can search for high-quality products using the ‘basic search utility’ available on the top of all the pages.
  3. You can also specify the category or brand, etc and search for the desired high-quality products using the ‘advance search utility’.
Do You Take Orders Over The Phone?

Yes, you can place orders over the phone by calling us between 10am-10pm and our sales person will provide you all the facilities you need.

How Can I Track The Status Of My Order?

We facilitate our customers by giving them a way to check the status of their ordered product. You just have to log in to your account to see the status of the ordered product manually. Besides this, our staff also keeps our customers updated about the status through email and call.

Are Prices Negotiable?

As we import high quality and branded products from the USA, so in order to avoid any misconception, we have a well-defined prices formula which includes Sales Tax, Income Tax, Shipping, Import Duties, etc. We try our best to meet the demands of our customer within their budget.

What About Order Cancelation?

Customers are allowed to cancel their order before we process it. To avoid any confusion, our staff will call you to confirm the order before placing the order to our USA Merchants. In order to cancel your order, log in to your account and use the cancellation button to cancel the order. If you cannot see the cancellation button, it means that you order is placed and is on its way to Pakistan.

How Are You Going To Refund Me? What Are All The Options?

As we import our high-quality products from the USA, so we have very limited options for the refund. But we will refund 100% in the following two cases:

  1. Shopusa.pk has not processed your order.
  2. You did not get what you ordered.
How Much Time Will It Take To Refund My Money?

Usually, we refund the money of our customers within 7 days of cancellation of an order.

In How Many Days Can I Change My Order?

In order to change your order, you can call us directly.

Do You Provide Any Warranty Or Technical Support?

As we import branded products from foreign merchants, so we do not provide any warranty for our products. We also do not provide any technical support for our high-quality products. To avoid any misconception, keep these points in mind before ordering any of our branded products and fully understand the purpose and method of use of the product before placing an order.

What Are The Available Payment Options?

We facilitate our customers by providing them a number of payment options. Here is a list of the available payment options:

  1. Cash on Delivery (COD)
  2. Deposit in Company Bank Account
  3. Transfer Amount By Online Banking
  4. EasyPaisa Account
  5. Jazz Cash Account
  6. Money Order
  7. Cash By Visiting Office
Is There Any Proof Of Payment?

Yes, After Receiving Amount You Will Receive A Confirmation Call Or Message Along Stamped Receipt On Company Letter Head From “The Best Choice (SMC) PVT Limited”

Want To Know More About Cash On Delivery?

In order to get the confidence of our customers, we are offering Cash on Delivery (COD) so that the customers can pay at their doorstep at the time of delivery of their desired branded product. We offer COD on the order of less than Rs. 2000. Note: COD is not available for Apparel Items.

Online Shopping from Other International Websites

We not only import products from Amazon, you can also buy various large online stores. You can also have Quirky in Pakistan, Walmart in Pakistan, Overstock in Pakistan and eBay in Pakistan. If you want to buy imported product from any of these websites we’ll make it possible for you. We are taking orders from:

  1. Amazon.com
  2. Walmart.com
  3. eBay.com
  4. Overstock.com
  5. DHgate.com
  6. Newegg.com
  7. Rakuten.com


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