Flintstones Children's Complete Multivitamin, Chewable Tablets Buy in Pakistan

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Flintstones Children's Complete Multivitamin, Chewable Tablets 150 ea (2pk)

Usman 12/05/2020

good price. has more variety of vitamins and in a higher concentration than the gummy vitamins. in the 2 pack this is enough vitamins to last almost a whole year.

Raiba 08/03/2020

Awesome deal. Have enough for 3 months for a family of 5. Kids love it. No fighting with them to take their vitamins! Chewable. Just like when I was a kid. A bit nostalgic.

Rameez 19/01/2020

Love these vitamins. Like to chew them rather than swallow a huge pill or spend time chewing up a gummy. Good taste and easy to take and store.

Naveed 25/11/2019

We use these vitamins as they are easier to digest and gives basic vitamin coverage. We use added vitamins too. These are not bad and easy to use.

Zoya 20/09/2019

great, son takes one a day. He didn't miss a single day of school for first grade, last year he had many sick days so I put him on these starting in the summer and a year later he has only had very minor colds! I think they worked great!

Maryam 28/06/2019

I'm a 45 year old woman who was advised to start taking 2 of these a day back in 2014. No complaints other than they seem a bit tart after all these years but i think that is just my old taste buds....haha....I'm sure kids don't mind them!

Sidra 20/04/2019

I am a gastric sleeve patient and these have been a great option for me. I take a double dose since I am an adult but it gives me everything I need. My labs all came back great!

Balqis 13/02/2019

I think I bought these when I was drunk while being nostalgic about how I always took these when I was a kid. Although my adult-self can't really get over the chalky texture, they still taste great and is a nice supplement once in a while.

Aalia 20/01/2019

My daughter loves these vitamins and they are one of the few tasty kids vitamins with a substantial amount of iron in them. Iron deficiency is common in growing kids and a lot of companies have taken the iron out or significantly reduced the amount to make vitamins safer in case of overdose and more palatable. These are both tasty and a good balance of vitamins AND minerals.

Tahira 26/12/2018

These are great for gastric bypass patients! Double up on the dose, obviously, but they are truly a godsend as I can’t tolerate the taste of most of the other chewable vitamins on the market. These taste like childhood.

Dua Malik 16/09/2018

I feed one of these to my (very picky) mini pig as a daily vitamin to supplement her diet. They include iron, which can be hard to find in children's vitamins for some reason. This is the best price I've seen for the quantity.
Getting one of these "candies" is her favorite part of the day!

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