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ExcitePlus | Intimacy Formula for Women | Epimedium, Maca, Vitex, Dong Quai, Shatavari and More | Capsules to Drive Better Intimate Experiences | 30 Day Supply

About this item

  • ExcitePlus is a natural hormone supplement for women designed to increase desire, sensitivity, and blood flow.
  • ExcitePlus promotes heightened anticipation for intimate moments with regular use.
  • The natural ingredients found in ExcitePlus have been used by thousands of women to renew their romantic spark.
  • ExcitePlus is designed to work to help drive healthy levels of estrogen production in women.
  • At VH Nutrition we offer a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products.
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    ExcitePlus is a 100% natural formula designed specifically for women. ExcitePlus is designed to help increase passion and heighten sensitivity in women. It can be used as part of a daily supplement regiment, or taken a few hours before the need arises. When used daily, ExcitePlus has the added benefit of boosting energy levels, helping regulate and increase natural estrogen levels, and can work as a mood booster. Each ingredient in our proprietary blend has shown real world results for women.
    Excite Plus
    Blood Flow

    Blood Flow

    Ingredients in Excite Plus can help dialate and relax blood vessels, leading to a better intimate experience.

    Hormone Balance

    Hormone Balance

    Excite Plus can help to promote positive Estrogen production and hormone balance in women.

    Enhance Mood

    Mood and Energy

    Excite Plus can promote increased energy, vitalilty, and feelings of well being.


    Desire & Passion

    The powerful formula in Excite Plus can help to ignite your passion and increase desire for intimacy.

    More Fun

    A Natural Solution for Female Vitality

    The world is a stressful place - the consistent pressure of work and family responsibilities can be overwhelming. Lack of sleep, stimulants, and poor diet can also contribute to feeling rundown and out of balance. Excite Plus can help to boost hormone balance and allow you feel like yourself again. You can have more energy, vitality, stamina and feel better knowing that your hormones aren’t holding you back.

    natural solution

    quality and trust

Size & Weight
Size: 2.0 in x 2.0 in x 4.0 in
Weight: 70.00 g
Amara 03/05/2020

Great product works as described.

Bushra 08/02/2020

Today is day 4 I believe of taking these pills as instructed: one in the morning and one in the early afternoon. Starting yesterday I noticed a definite upswing in desire haha. And I was in such a great mood all day as well as today. I don't know if it's coincidental or if it's the supplements, but I do feel like I have more energy and I'm in a really good mood AND feel pretty ready to go if you know what I mean. Definitely gunna keep taking these!

Sanam 04/01/2020

Phenomenal product! Will continue to buy. Again and again!!

Rabia 15/12/2019

I’m actually only taking this once per day because I misread the directions, yet even at half the recommended dosing, I’ve seen great results. More interest and more sensitivity, yaaaaaaass!

Minahil 12/10/2019

Bought this for my gf and she loves it. Saw results after the first day. Not only did her libido benefit from them but she had more energy and felt great. Added plus was they weren't heavy in her stomach like other supplements we had tried. Highly recommend this product.

Sadaf Jabeen 16/09/2019

Worked really good! Made my girlfriend in a better mood, helped with bedroom stuff and saved our relationship. Highly recommend to anybody struggling out there with low sex drive.

Esha 18/06/2019

I'm noticing a huge difference with mood stability and desire not to mention the added bonus of no stomach pain with these pills. I recommend these as a must try product if you're looking to increase your drive without any uncomfortable side affects.

Uswa 23/05/2019

At first I thought once again I wasted money trying to find something to increase my libido as well asout back the moisture I had lost. This is the first product to work for me! You need at least 2 weeks of taking it to notice the difference. It's a huge difference for me and worth the money. Unbelievable! My mood has also changed for the better. Vaginal dryness completely gone and I'm in the mood more. Don't sleep on this product! It works! Now that I gave it a try, I wan't a bigger supply.

Kanwal Siddiqi 05/04/2019

I like this product.
This product is Excellent. It makes me happy and no side effects. I plan to order more bottles.

Afreen 20/02/2019

All i can say is I took one. Took a nap. Woke up...ready to go.. Had multiple sexual dreams. I have like no libido so this was pretty amazing.

Sehar Imran 10/02/2019

Works really good when you take it twice a day. But I didn’t like the “peppery” burbs that I get but maybe it’s just me.

Tania 26/01/2019

YAY! I finally found a product that is natural to help with this mid life crisis that most women experience. I like the fact that it has ginger in it so so far, it has not cause any stomach irritation. I am excited to see just how much better the intimate encounter will be.

Alina Chaudhry 23/12/2018

I bought this for my wife and it has really helped her quite a bit. It does really work!

Maheen 28/10/2018

I love the fact the product can not be tasted. Iv only been taking for about 1 week in a half and already can tell a difference sex has definitely gotten better and i feel more active in the bedroom

Fiza Ahmed 11/08/2018

I bought this product for the lack of a sex drive I have from being on Effexor. Effexor is an anti-anxiety/depression medication. One common side effect with these types of medications is a lack of sex drive. These pills were the first one I’ve taken that I noticed a significant difference on my drive and feelings. I would highly recommend them.

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