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Limitless NZT-48 + Restoramones - Customized and Personalized Nootropic Performance Drink Mix. Brain Booster with Celastrus Extract, CDP Choline, Uridine, Guarana - 28 Proven Ingredients. (16+20)

  • CUSTOMIZED & PERSONALIZED: The World’s First and Most Powerful Custom Blended Nootropic Drink Mix, Enhanced With Natural Hormone Precursors, Matched To YOUR Personal Physiology, Weight, Height, Physical Condition, Needs and Goals. Customize up to 5 Levels of Clarity, Energy, Euphoria, Confidence, Mood, Motivation. Augmented with Hormone Precursors (Restoramones) to increase Response, as needed. Key Ingredients are Plant-To-Powder. Naturally Grown, Harvested and Extracted.
  • FAST RESULTS. ALL-DAY PERFORMANCE: NZT-48 Was Designed For Fast Performance That Lasts All Day. With The Goal of Improving Every Mental and Physiological Performance Parameter - From Mind to Cardiovascular, Heart, Lungs, Anti-Aging and Overall Wellness. Clients Claim Incremental to Radical Performance Increases.
  • NUTRIENT-RICH: NZT-48 Is Packed Full of 28 Key Ingredients - Many Not Found In Any Other Supplement or Nootropic Blend. The Proprietary Combination Has Shown to Reduce A Wide Variety of Health Issues As Well As Seasonal Sicknesses. NZT-48 Can Replace Most Or All Of Your Individual Supplements.
  • CUMULATIVE RESULTS: NZT-48 Contains Ingredients That Can Improve Mental and Physical Performance Month Over Month. We Call It “Sick to Superhuman”. Neurogenesis (the Stimulation of New Brain Cells) and Fault Tolerance (The Ability to Resist Stress and Anxiety) Are Known Benefits of Ingredients in NZT (NCBI/PubMed Research Validated).
  • THE SYNERGY OF A DRINK & CAPSULE: NZT-48 Is Both a Custom-Blended Drink Mix and a Custom Made Capsule Stack. The Two Are Effective Alone. And Very Powerful When Used Together.

About Nootropic Performance Drink Mix

Would you like to realize your full potential?

Reduce Mental Fog?

Manage Mood and Wellbeing?

Increase Physical Performance?

RealNZT+Restoramones is a custom-blend of the most powerful nootropics (brain nutrients and natural energy enhancers) available anywhere. With a boost of restorative hormone precursors.

RealNZT consists of a custom-blended 100mm tube of nootropics in a powdered mix.

And a 00-sized capsule of highly-concentrated nootropic "boosters" to extend the nootropic half-life up to to 12+ hours.

Simply mix in 28 oz of water. Drink for intense presence, energy and clarity. Or sip from morning through afternoon for a balanced level of energy, clarity and focus.

Our clients say they experience:

    * Confidence in decision-making.

    * A more optimistic disposition

    * Improved sex drive

    * More lean mass - fat-burning

    * Enhanced creativity

    * Drive and ambition with the focus to complete projects

    * Greater understanding when learning subjects

    * Improves neurogenesis (the stimulation of new brain cells)

    * Increases levels of Serotonin, Dopamine and Acetylcholine

    * Has shown to reduce the tendencies toward certain potentially unhealthy habits.

    * Improved flexibility and dilation of veins and capillaries

    * Measurable increases in blood levels of nitric oxide

More than 30 years of scientific research. Breakthroughs in natural extraction and compounding. And a team dedicated to life extension and mental+physical performance.

Guaranteed performance improvements. Fast.

Be the very best possible YOU.

Get your mind and body working to your full potential.

Live life to the fullest - with RealNZT+Restoramones

Important information

Safety Information

NZT-48TM provides what we believe are the most powerful nootropic (brain performance nutrients) available. Because of that, you should experience more clarity, presence and energy than with other methods.


Best for individuals seeking ultra-high mental and physical performance and improved drive. Includes sports performance, public speaking, teaching, classroom and independent study, focus and depression issues. Provides very focused, extended energy, clarity, and presence. The ability to parallel process multiple creative ideas. 6-12 hours of focus and energy with drink mix. Extended with booster pill 12-16 hours. Contains custom blend of Restoramones to increase your natural hormone production.

Legal Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


WebNutrients RealNZT-48 Current mix (Powder, in test tube):* Restoramones Hormone Boosters* B5-Pantothenic Acid* Ascorbic Acid* SuperCelastrusTM (custom, non-toxic nootropic distillate, 50/50 water/oil soluble)* NooSparkTM (custom non-toxic neuro-stimulant)* L-Glutamine* TMG (Trimethylglycne)* Calcium Citrate* Rhodiola* CDP Choline* Acetyl-L-Tyrosine* Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR)* Arginine AKG* Citrulline Malate* Maltodextrin* L-Theanine* PEA* Hordenine* D-Ribose* Theobromine* Ascorbic Acid** All at clinical levels (hence the 17 gram tube of water-soluble powder).***Booster Caps (00 capsules):* NooSparkTM (custom non-toxic neuro-stimulant)* SuperCelastrusTM (custom, non-toxic nootropic distillate)* Acetyl-L-Tyrosine* Centrophenoxine* CDP Choline* Ester-C* Grapeseed Extract* Forskolin* Piperine* Guarana* Cayenne* Habenaro* D3* All from naturally-derived sources.NOTE: RealNZT does not have any residual issues like NZT-48 did in Limitless. That was a fictional "clear pill". Ours was developed to permanently improve brain and body, even if you quit taking the product. We take the product daily, and have been since 2008. There is more than 30 years of research behind the nootropics and herbs that make up our blends. If you have any questions, please contact us using Amazon's contact form. We'll get back with you immediately.


Please follow directions on the included postcard. For more information, please visit contact us and we will be happy to guide you to the very best possible outcome.

Size & Weight
Size: 9.0 in x 2.0 in x 6.0 in
Weight: 450.00 g
Balaj 02/06/2020

Satisfied with product, customer service excellent. Will continue to purchase.

Umer 22/03/2020

Honestly this is amazing product and im taking it as directed. In a few mins i felt a burst of energy and extreme happiness and more focused and motivated to work harder and do more things. I would keeping buying. I feel so good in ways i never felt. I'm living proof that its the real deal. Everything seems so clear and positive. I have a new propective in life and choices. And no jitters or side effects. I used to take pre workout supplements for energy but always felt tired after a while and i had alot jitters like my heart was on speed. This is just a amazing packed compound Smart Drug.

Shahbir 14/12/2019

I always have great results with this product. I fill out a custom intake from from their website almost every time I place a new order because I like to have the formula adjusted for my current situation. I still haven't found the perfect ratio of ingredients, but it's getting close. I experiment with how I take this product, but currently I enjoy drinking a little over half on an empty stomach before cardio. It really boosts my endurance and endorphins. Then I sip the rest as needed, usually waiting until the next day where I take it with a booster capsule. I've researched most of the ingredients and the data is promising, and the effects are as promised. This product is a little pricey, but definitely worth it. I have increased energy, motivation, drive, clarity, and reduced sugar cravings. Additionally, this company has great customer service and prompt delivery. I really like their mission statement.

Nafees 21/07/2019

NZT 48 delivers! It will make your day more active, intense and you will feel that you can accomplish a lot without physical or mental set backs. Have never tried more than a vial at a time (that is enough to keep alert for a long day).

Ahmad Shah 02/05/2019

After watching Limitless, I made it my mission to find the closest product to the Nzt pill described in the movie. After going through some forums I came across Webnutrients. I was skeptical at first but decided to trust my gut and purchase my first order. When my package came in the mail, I was already prepared (didn't eat for 3 hours). After taking this product I was in for a treat.

For the first time in my life, I free from the ADD cloud that was blinding my thoughts. Thank you Douglas Paul Effinger; I am going to be a permanent customer/advocate for all your products.

Farooq 23/02/2019

This stuff is absolutely awesome. This is my second batch and the most recent one taste much yummier than the original. Also much more refined as it really helps detox your brain and put you back in learning mode.

Ayyan 18/01/2019

The best thing I ever decided to try! It is a miracle in a tube! If you haven't experienced this, you really haven't experienced the best life has to offer! It has changed my life in so many ways! I couldn't see life without it!! If you want a better version of life, you need to try this! And forget about the taste!! That's why they make water intensifiers!! Kills the taste instantly and you become super human!!! Congratulations to Mark & Olivia for a major breakthrough!!!

Asad 29/12/2018

It was an amazing product need to buy more did the job and kept me focused and full of energy for all day and no hard crash highly recommended

Areeba Hanif 01/10/2017

I’ve been ordering webnutrients for the pass 2 years and it has taken my productivity and energy to completely different level. I love the team as well, I had an order that needed to be replaced and it was replaced immediately.

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