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Centrum Men (250 Count) Multivitamin / Multimineral Supplement Tablet, Vitamin D3

About this item

  • One 250 count bottle of Centrum Multivitamins for Men, Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement with Vitamin D3, B Vitamins and Antioxidants
  • Specially formulated metabolism, immune support and energy supplements for men
  • Multipurpose vitamin for men that contains Centrum's highest levels of Vitamin D3 for muscle health support
  • Contains vitamins B, C, D and E, essential micronutrients and antioxidants such as zinc
  • Immunity and energy multivitamin available in easy-to-take tablet form made with non GMO, gluten free ingredients
  • Each bottle contains 250 tablets, providing enough daily men's multivitamins for about four months
  • Take one daily multivitamin for men with food
  • From the manufacturer

    centrum micronutrients feed your cells vitamin


  • Personalized Formula

    Centrum Men is formulated to support energy, immunity and the metabolism of men under age 50 (2).* Support your healthy routine with the B Vitamins, antioxidants and essential nutrients in Centrum Men.

    Complete Multivitamin

    Centrum Men, a complete multivitamin with our highest level of Vitamin D, helps support muscle function, energy and metabolism (2).*

    Verified Non-GMO and Gluten Free

    Centrum and Centrum Silver tablets are made without ingredients that are genetically engineered for a verified non-GMO (1) and gluten-free (4) formula.


    1 Doctor Recommended Multivitamin Brand

    With our highest levels of Vitamin D3, a preferred form of Vitamin D, Centrum is the most complete multivitamin for men and women, making it the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended multivitamin brand (3).

    Most Studied Multivitamin

    Centrum multivitamins are backed by over 35 years of high-quality research and investment in nutritional science, making Centrum the number one doctor and pharmacist recommended brand (3).

    Find the Right Centrum for You

    The nutrients inside each Centrum tablet help support vital functions, from metabolism to your immune system.* Explore Centrum’s multivitamin offerings for a formula that’s right for you.

    Product description

    Size:250 Count (Pack of 1)

    Centrum Multivitamin for Men is the most complete multivitamin/multimineral supplement specially formulated for men, containing Centrum's highest levels of Vitamin D3 for healthy muscle function. These daily vitamins for men deliver antioxidants such as zinc and vitamins E and C for immunity support, and energy supplements such as B vitamins to support your daily needs. Made with non GMO ingredients, this gluten free multivitamin for men also contains muscle and metabolism vitamins to help your body process fats, carbohydrates and proteins effectively. This bottle of 250 men's multivitamin tablets helps support a healthy lifestyle for about four months. Take one tablet daily with food. Feed your cells, fuel your life with Centrum, the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand.

Size & Weight
Size: 3.0 in x 3.0 in x 6.0 in
Weight: 460.00 g
Rizwan 10/05/2020

It is not that big of a pill to swallow, although I can take 8-12 large pills at once so I can’t really judge fairly. Doesn’t have a bad taste at all, I take it daily & it gives me a little boost in energy. Great product, I will keep on buying it for years to come.

Humera 15/03/2020

I ordered these vitamins for my husband. He says that they are easy to swallow daily when he takes it with his morning breakfast. The bottle will last him a couple of months which is nice. He liked them so much that we now subscribe to receive them.

Shamraiz 02/03/2020

centrum have been my daily vitamin forever never any issues.

Yasir 15/02/2020

Can be hard to swallow sometimes. Good alternative to Men’s One-A-Day. Has everything you need if you’re under 50.

Raza 12/01/2020

Great product. You can really see a difference when not taking it.

Usman 03/12/2019

Unfortunately, my father was diagnosed with diabetes. So many kind of sweet fruits that are rich in vitamins he cannot eat. So I bought these for him. Is this helpful for him or not? You can comment this review and let me know. Thank you!

Shakeel 21/10/2019

Decided to try out this line, been using the regular ones before, and definitely worth the purchase! Thank you!

Waseem 26/07/2019

Noticed that I actually feel better when I remember to take it. Now I just need to figure out how to remind myself to take it every day

Dabeer 30/05/2019

No flavor. Not easy to swallow. Can break them in half. Label for amount of vitamins etc looks good.

Saqib 19/04/2019

I buy these and have them sent to my Son out of state. He says he likes them and he does take them as I note on the calendar when to get more and he lets me know he is running low so I know! Good gift idea, too.

Salman 26/03/2019

A great multivitamin in case you might not be getting all your nutrients from your diet (diet is still a better way to get those vitamins). And probably one of the better deals you can find considering the price to quantity.

Manzoor Ali 01/02/2019

I buy these for my 86yo Dad and he loves these. He ran out and really noticed when not taking these daily.

Kasif 27/01/2019

Best Multi Vitamin ever been using bthis product ever since its conception for years and years I've never had any ill effects side effects stomach aches I am 60 years old and Isupplement these multivitamins with other vitamins that I lack or that I need because of my diet with out a doubt also a great value

Nabeel 23/12/2018

I am so happy to buy this product in my country the version of 100 pills costs twice as much as this... Excellent

Azhar 20/10/2018

I am very pleased with the results that I get from the Centrum pills. I am a 43 year old male and shortly after I take them, I notice I have more energy than before. It is true that you have to take these with food, but that is not a deal breaker for me. It has the vitamins that our bodies need and I know the older you get, the less your body produces. I have taken Centrum off and on for many years and I do appreciate the fact that I can feel they are working. I highly suggest Centrum to anyone and if you don’t like them, I hope you find something you do like. 5 stars I give it for my health improving.

Sharjeel 18/06/2018

Gives me the energy I need and I continue to stay healthy so I guess I can say this helps keep me healthy as well.

Raheel 04/04/2018

After having Centrum pills for a week plus i can see significant difference compared to before, i wake up early morning and by late afternoon i am dead tired and sleepy , with this Pill i can go on and on . Plus i use a Kal Magnesium before i go to bed to relax my body and nerves .

Bashir 22/01/2018

Recently switched to these from gummy vitamins. Good price and covers all the same vitamins. Also, there are many more tablets in the bottle and don't need to purchase as frequently. I take this vitamin with breakfast in the morning and I have not noticed any stomach discomfort. The tablet is a decent size but certainly not enormous and I have not noticed any bitter taste.

Noman 14/01/2018

I love these vitamins. Unfortunately, I am in a position to actually see the results of which vitamins I take. I have to get blood samples taken on a fairly regular basis, and other brands of vitamins always left me falling short in one area or another. Once I started taking these, my results were much more consistent, with no deficiencies!

Mirha 30/11/2017

I love these vitamins. Unfortunately, I am in a position to actually see the results of which vitamins I take. I have to get blood samples taken on a fairly regular basis, and other brands of vitamins always left me falling short in one area or another. Once I started taking these, my results were much more consistent, with no deficiencies!

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