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Centrum Whole Food Multivitamin for Men, Vegetarian, Gluten Free Dietary Supplement, 30 Day Supply-60 Capsules

About this item

  • Complete multivitamin supports vitality, muscle function, heart health and your metabolism *(1)
  • Made with real whole food blend and packed with natural, organic fruit and vegetable goodness closer to the foods you eat
  • Expertly blended with a smart combination of 37 organic foods and essential nutrients.
  • Vegetarian, keto, and paleo friendly. Does NOT contain GMOs, gluten, gelatin, dairy, soy, nuts, synthetic dyes, or artificial preservatives.
  • Centrum: backed by 40 years of nutritional science and produced in a GMP facility in the USA following the strictest standards to protect from impurities, including heavy metals and pesticides.
  • Contains a 30-day supply. 60 capsules for 2 capsules per day.
  • From the manufacturer

    Blended to support mens health

    Men's Multivitamin Benefits

  • Crafted to help men's vitality, muscle function and metabolismSupports men’s heart health; crafted to help men’s vitality, muscle function and


    Supports Energy, Healthy Stress response, immune health and overall wellnessWorks naturally with your body to support Energy, Healthy Stress Response, Immune Health & Overall Wellbeing*(1).

    Purposely crafted to provide 100% of 18 key vitamins and minerals

     Purposefully crafted to provide 100% of 18 key vitamins & minerals, as much Zinc as 30 cups of broccoli, as much Vitamin C as 6 cups of blueberries, as much Vitamin C as 12 strawberries, as much B6 as 4 bananas, as much Folate as 5 cups of spinach.

    Whole Food Benefits

  • Packed with organic whole food, fruit and vegetable goodness
    backed by 40 years of nutritional science
    150 quality checks are done to assure centrum is free from impurities

    Product description

    Style:Men’s Multi

    When you’re in need of real fruit and vegetable goodness, Centrum Men’s Multivitamin Whole Food Blend is packed with nutrients closer to the foods you eat. As a complete whole food
    multivitamin for men, every supplement is filled with the richness of an organic fruit and
    vegetable blend. Our supplements are manufactured in the USA using premium ingredients sourced around the world. Centrum Men’s Multi Whole Food Blends are purposefully crafted to provide you 100% of the 18 key vitamins and minerals you need for important parts of men’s health such as the heart, vitality, muscle function and metabolism. Each bottle has 60 capsules to last for a 30 day supply. All Centrum Whole Food Blends are uniquely made to be free of GMOs, gluten, gelatin, dairy, soy, nuts, synthetic dyes and artificial preservatives on top of being
    vegetarian, keto-friendly, and paleo-friendly. With every multivitamin, you’re another step closer to the nutrients you need.*
    *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is
    not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
    (1) A combination of 25 nutrients support men's overall health, including support for heart
    health, vitality, muscle function and metabolism. B-Vitamins support daily energy needs and aid in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Antioxidant nutrients, including Vitamin E, zinc and selenium, support vitality. Vitamins D and B6 help support muscle function. B-Vitamins, vitamins C and E, and lycopene support heart health. This is not a replacement for cholesterol lowering drugs. This product is not intended to provide daily intake of lycopene. Take with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
    (2) Meets FDA Definition of Gluten-Free. Code of Federal Regulations, Gluten-Free Labeling of Food, Title 21, Volume 2, Revised April 1, 2017; 21CFR101.91

Size & Weight
Size: 2.1 in x 2.1 in x 3.9 in
Weight: 50.00 g
Rizwan 15/11/2020

I love this 'whole food' multivitamin formula! The serving size is 2 capsules which are easy to take with water (or beverage of your choice). The bottle contains 60 pills/30 days supply when taken as directed. I like that it has the key nutrients and vitamins at 100% recommended dose. I did not notice any side effects while using these, but I do believe they give me more energy and help me stay focused better.

Talha 02/05/2020

I've always like Centrum products and these whole food multivitamins are no exception. I like that there are no artificial preservatives, GMOs, and dyes.

Shahzaib 10/02/2020

Centrum is a name I feel good about using in my home. They consistently produce quality vitamins. This is a great whole food vitamin option for Men. It seems to be well made and thoughtfully crafted to provide optimum health support. This bottle offers a one month supply.

Bilal 26/09/2019

I ordered this multi for my husband. We have both, his and hers. Pills are easy to swallow and don’t have any funky smell or aftertaste burps. It doesn’t make his stomach upset unlike some other brands. I love that it’s not synthetic and is made out of whole foods. This bottle is 60 pills, 30 servings. This multi vitamin is packed with essential vitamins but we are also taking extra Vit C and some mushroom supplements to help boost immunity. Hoping to avoid Coronavirus.. so far so good.

Shamraiz 09/07/2019

This is a good option to get the nutrients you are missing out on by not eating your vegetables. Two veggie caps per day, easy to swallow.

Haris 01/03/2019

I have been taking a multi-vitamin for while now and even have my husband taking them. We both just like having any added vitamins and such in case we are not getting them through our diet. These are great and we would buy them again.

Usama 05/02/2019

Centrum Whole Food Multivitamin for Men contains 60 vegetarian capsules. These dietary supplements promote heart health, muscle function and metabolism. It is recommended that adults take two capsules daily with food.

Wasim 20/12/2018

I especially like this version, as it's made with natural ingredients. To quote the description, "Vegetarian, keto, and paleo friendly. Does NOT contain GMOs, gluten, gelatin, dairy, soy, nuts, synthetic dyes, or artificial preservatives".

Muneeb 04/06/2018

With Centrum, I know that I am getting quality, premium ingredients. I love that I no longer need to take 5+ different vitamins or supplements along with an additional gummy multivitamin every day to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The price for a 2 month supply of this product is less than 1 month of my previous multivitamin were, without any of the added antioxidants. I have always struggled with low vitamin D and low iron (even with my previous multivitamin + vitamin regime) and regularly monitor these levels with my doctor. Since I have started taking Centrum multivitamin + antioxidants regularly for a while now, my last lab reports came back with normal levels of both iron and vitamin D for the first time. I do believe it is due to the potency, premium ingredients and unique formula. I absolutely recommend this product to anyone who would like to upgrade their vitamin routine.

Tariq 22/02/2018

This is the multi I am waiting for.

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