Blackhead Remover Vacuum, EIVOTOR 【2021 NEWEST】 USB Rechargeable Acne Comedone Extractor Tool Machine with 3 Adjustable Suction Power and 5 Replaceable Probes, Pimple Remover Set Included

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Blackhead Remover Vacuum, EIVOTOR 【2021 NEWEST】 USB Rechargeable Acne Comedone Extractor Tool Machine with 3 Adjustable Suction Power and 5 Replaceable Probes, Pimple Remover Set Included

  • Please use a hot towel or steaming face to expand the pores before use to improve the effect. Please move in the same horizontal direction during use, and do not stay in the same position for more than 3 seconds. It is recommended to use the device twice a week, and each for no more than 5 minutes.
  • 【 5 Interchangeable Probes 】 This blackhead remover has a strong absorbency that effectively eliminates blackheads and acne, cleans pores and tightens the skin, reducing skin damage compared to traditional methods. The Blackhead Remover is equipped with 5 interchangeable beauty heads to help you maintain sensitive areas such as mouth angles and eye angles.
  • 【 3 Adjustable Mode】 This pore cleaner has 3 modes that can be adapted to different parts and skin types. "Mild level" (blue light, 55Kpa) suitable for sensitive skin. "Middle" (Green Light, 60Kpa) Suitable for areas where blackheads are not obvious. "Strong Level" (65Kpa red light) Suitable for areas with large pores and obvious blackheads.
  • 【 Long Standby and Perfect Accessories 】 Just charge 2.5 hours and you can use it for 8 weeks. (Counted as double use per week and 5 minutes for once. )We have also presented 5 beauty needles to help you care for your skin better.
  • 【 Intimate Design & Service 】We recommend that you choose a "mild" mode for skin adjustment. In addition, this blackhead remover automatically shuts down every 5 minutes to avoid skin damage. We can provide a 30-day refund service and after-sales protection of up to 6 months. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Product Description


blackhead remover


  1. It is normal for your skin to get redness/bruising for the first use, but it will go away automatically within 2-3 days. The actual result may vary due to different skin conditions.
  2. The effect will obviously be reflected in 2-4 weeks (apply twice a week).
  3. Depending on the type of skin, you recommend the following:
  4. Dry skin can be used once a week
  5. Oily or combination skin can be applied twice a week
  6. pore vaccum
  7. 5 Interchangeable Probes

    • Small round probe: Remove blackhead, mild, suitable for sensitive skin.
    • Medium round probe: Remove blackheads and whiteheads, stronger suction, suitable for stubborn blackheads.
    • Massage Probe: Remove dead skin and provide smooth and delicate skin.
    • Oval Probe: Reduces fine lines around the corner of the eye and makes the skin supple and firm.
    • Large round probe: A cupping therapy to reduce fatigue. Suitable for shoulders or back instead of facial areas.
    • blackhead vaccum
    • First Step

      • Clean your face with a facial cleanser to remove dust and grease from the face
      • Replace the Filter Cotton Core
      • Clean or replace the filter ball core regularly to provide a hygienic and safe experience. The filter ball core can be reused after cleaning with water. It is recommended to clean or replace the filter ball core after using the product two or three times.perfect gift

Size & Weight
Size: 7.9 in x 4.7 in x 2.0 in
Weight: 10.55 oz

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