Best Centrum MultiGummies Multi + Omega-3 Multivitamin, Strawberry, Lemon, Orange Shop in Pakistan

Best Centrum MultiGummies Multi + Omega-3 Multivitamin, Strawberry, Lemon, Orange Shop in Pakistan
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Centrum MultiGummies Multi + Omega-3 Multivitamin, Strawberry, Lemon, Orange, 100 Gummies (Pack of 2)

Product description

Supports a healthy body plus heart, brain and eye health*+. Natural strawberry, lemon and orange flavors with other natural flavors. *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. +Includes 11 nutrients to support whole body health including support for heart, brain and eye health. No artificial flavors or sweeteners. Take with or without food or water. Gluten-free. Contains no wheat, milk, soy, egg, peanut, tree nuts, or crustacean shellfish allergens.

Size & Weight
Size: 7.0 in x 7.0 in x 4.0 in
Weight: 820.00 g
Hammad 01/05/2020

These aren't the cheapest gummies, bit they're definitely the most delicious. And I love that they support my beauty as well as my health.

Mishal 18/03/2020

Thank you very much for sending me two bottle's of Centrum, hair, nails, and skin vitamins ????. I love Centrum, they're are excellent, which is why I purchased it. Thanks again.

Tahmina 25/01/2020

Tastes fine, easy to chew, far more pleasant than the horse-sized multi-vitamins I've taken for years.

Waleed 18/12/2019

Centrum does not disappoint. There are no negatives for this Gummy Vitamin for adults. Good value, good taste and I have to assume it is healthy and works because I have not had a cold in 5 years.

Shazia 01/12/2019

I am so happy I ordered this to try. I have tried many vitamin and this product was the 1st one that did not give me a headache from high vitamin A. I Will be ordering this again. These are chewy vitamins orange, berry & lemon, not to crazy about the lemon tho.

Esha 22/10/2019

Before these just waking up seemed a chore. Forcing myself to go to work was a real struggle. Still not a morning person, but now I start out in first gear. Whereas before I had trouble just turning the key to start the car, so to speak.

Murtaza 04/10/2019

I have a monthly subscription. I can tell the difference from when I didn't take them. I thought it was worth a try. Six months later and I'm still popping them daily!

Ayat 09/09/2019

Quick receipt with no problems. It's nice to notice I'm running low on something and have it delevered in a couple days. No problems with product,

Ayesha 26/07/2019

I bought these along with ensure for my 99 year old great grandma who needed to gain some weight. Within 2 weeks her appetite increased and she’s gaining some much needed weight. They are easy for her to chew and she says they taste good! I’m glad we found something that works and that she likes

Sumaiya 20/05/2019

I hate to swallow large capsules or tablets, which are often seen in nutritional supplements, so I was delighted to find the product. It has a pleasant taste a perfect chewable texture. This product has become a regular part of my daily health regimen.

Fozia 05/05/2019

These are so yummy! The only problem is, I want to eat more than the serving size!

Haroon 01/03/2019

Seriously;these taste awesome! I wish I could eat more than one a day. I assume these are providing all the daily amounts of vitamins and omega 3 etc because I want to keep taking them! They sure do beat the awful big dry multi vitamin I used to have to choke down in the morning!

Uzma 22/01/2019

These chewable vitamins are so easy to eat. Unfortunately, I had to stop using them because I started eating them like candy. That's a definite no-no as far as vitamins are concerned. And so, I reluctantly gave them up. For those with stronger willpower, these are great.

Laraib 14/01/2019

Love these! Don’t taste like a multivitamin at all!

Kausar 12/12/2018

Came as expected and in new/ perfect condition

Maliha 02/09/2018

I loved that these are chewable. They’re not like gummie candies but you can chew them. I bought this for my elderly Mom because the regular Centrum Silver tablets were humongous and hard for her to swallow. She doesn’t like the flavor but she like that they are chewable and the off taste doesn’t last long. I would definitely buy these again. They’re a nice alternative to downing large pills.

Mahad 18/07/2018

I always had a problem remembering to take my vitamins because I hated the taste and the size. And then I tried these gummy’s and I’m so glad I did. They are delicious and make taking vitamins a pleasure

Faisal 07/04/2018

A vitamin I don’t mind taking! Gastric bypass forces chewables or liquid and this Centrum 50+ Adult makes them the perfect option for me. Priced well and easy to keep in stock with Subscribe and Save. Great vitamin.

Ashraf 01/02/2018

These gummy vitamins are the best! They taste wonderful. They were NOT melted together in a big lump, as others have complained. Will reorder.

Ramiz 24/01/2018


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