50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips Combo Kit by Easy@Home Online in Pakistan

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Easy@Home 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips Combo Kit, (50 LH + 20 HCG)

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Haniya 04/05/2020

Being that my periods are irregular, I thought I'd give these a try after hearing about them from a few friends. I am SO glad I did. I realized very quickly that something was off with my cycles. My LH always seemed to be high and I was concerned that I wasn't actually ovulating. I ended up going to the doctor and was able to show her the progression (or lack thereof) overtime... and we started looking into possible PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). I noticed that many of readings were similar to those that struggle with PCOS and was able to have my A-ha moment after so many years of not knowing what was going on. Although this didn't help me get pregnant or help me know when I was ovulating, it did help me figure out what was going on with my body!!

Samra Tariq 08/04/2020

We used this for 3 months, at the first month I followed the instructions as it said with no success, it never showed the peak of the LH so after that I was kinda sad, the next month I decided to start using the strips at the very end day of my period and I also had medication to help my ovulation, (I was feeling a bit obsessed) I had the LH surge on my day 13, we waited the 2 days after that to have sex, then my husband had to leave the city and we couldn't do more "tries" so.. I got my period again (sad face) the 3rd. Month I was actually not thinking about it, I didn't try the strips, and wasn't waiting, but I noticed some change in my cervical mucus so I decided to take the test and it Showed LH, by then we had 2 days already enjoying ourselves, my sex desire was high, so we continued the following 4 days and pum!! I'm pregnant!!

Sanam 23/02/2020

These strips work amazing. The first month I used them, I just guessed when I should ovulate and I started testing and reading the strips myself which they are easy to read but was not successful the first month. The second month I started testing right after my period and downloaded the app that comes with the kit and it reads the strips for you and tells you when you peak. So the first month that I tested everyday and used the app, I conceived. Currently 6 weeks and couldn’t be more excited. I highly recommend this kit and to use the app because it is extremely easy and helpful.

Safia 25/01/2020

Well after using these once I got pregnant. I couldn't believe it. I thought the testing would make me feel crazy. But it did the opposite. I got the positive for two days so we did it for two days than let it go. Before we were stressed making sure to do it at least every other day for over a week trying to miss our window. So happy with the results and the price. I got a positive with the pregnancy test 4 days before my period. Drs office and first response did not get a positive yet. So these things are sensitive

Shanzey 21/12/2019

My husband and I needed just a few months to conceive using this kit. I'm 41, and I was all prepared for it to take much longer or maybe not even work at all (it's my first pregnancy). But the sticks gave me very reliable results about my ovulation and fertile window and apparently we were able to time it just right. The hCG test came back positive on the first day of my missed period. The tests are super easy to use, just make sure you take photos for the app in the same location under the same kind of light.

Tahira 30/10/2019

I know our results aren't typical, but the first time using the ovulation tests we became pregnant! The ovulation tests were great and there was enough of them I started testing early to make sure I didn't miss it. I wasn't even sure when to expect my cycle after the test so when I thought I might be a day or 2 late I tested, the line was extremely faint but present, so I tested again with the same result. I didn't believe it so I went and bought a digital test and it quickly turned pregnant! Currently 19 weeks pregnant with our first baby and we're very excited! These tests definitely sped up the process since I'm irregular and wasn't sure of the best timing.

Arooba 01/10/2019

Follow the instructions and it does what it’s meant for. To get the most accurate results it’s important to take the test around the same time every day when you think it’s ovulation time. At first, it was hard to tell what was “peak” but then the app got an update so now it tells you when you take the picture in the PreMom app. Take the out the guess work and get in the know on your ovulation. My doc said it could take a year to get preggo but I was pregnant within 4 months after using this kit. I now have a healthy, beautiful baby boy :)

Eshaal 17/07/2019

My husband and I got pregnant the first month with using these strips! They are so easy to use and very accurate. I got off birth control the beginning of 2020, and we decided to start officially trying in March. The test strips showed I was ovulating around CD 18/19. My husband and I did the deed every day during my fertile window, so we can’t pinpoint the exact day of conception, but the app was correct in predicting fertility. I started getting anxious and decided to take the hpt a couple of days early, and on day 10PO (5 days before my missed period) I saw a hint of a second line. Took a ClearBlue digital and it came back “not pregnant”. I took another hcg test the morning of day 11PO, and the second line was a little darker than the night before. Took a 3rd hcg test on day 12PO and it was clearly positive. I also followed that up with another ClearBlue digital and got my BFP!!! These test trips work!!!

Fatima 09/06/2019

I loved these. Attaching pictures for reference as that really helped me when trying to decide what to buy. I’m still breastfeeding at almost 17 months post partum but we started TTC again when my periods came back at 12 months. I didn’t want to have to wean completely but my dr said I was probably ovulating by this point. This was our first cycle using these strips (cycle 5) and I’m pregnant!!! I used a digital ovulation test in the past a few cycles with my first pregnancy & it was so frustrating to me. I love that you can see the lines progress and actually save them to look at so you’re not totally losing your mind trying to remember. It took 3 years to conceive our first baby & we are thrilled that it did not take near as long this time. I got my first faint positive test at 11dpo and continued to test the next 2 days. I confirmed today (14dpo) with another test as well as a digital & different brand of pregnancy test and all are positive.

Sara 20/04/2019

I am in shock. I have one ovary, I'm 38 years old, almost 39, and have 4 blood clotting disorders. I have never tried to get pregnant before, but of course life doesn't care how old you are when you meet your person! I thought I had a slim chance at best of getting pregnant. I went off the mini pill in December, had my first period January 16th, and started testing 8 days after. Got a dark positive ovulation test 11 days after, and got a positive pregnancy test on Valentine's day! I am in absolute shock. (In a good way!) I would recommend these tests to anyone! The stars indicate our "tries to conceive" ???? Good luck everyone!

Faryal 02/03/2019

We’ve been trying the ovulation strips for about two months. This month we have success! With PCOS I am lucky if I ovulate. This helped me pinpoint when I was. I like the app that comes with it too! My only complaint is the pregnancy tests. I got a very, very, very faint positive so I took another one. Also very faint positive. Both were taken with first pee of the day. At about 10:30 I took two from the store and they were clearly positive. Granted, I was only 7 DPO so maybe they’re just not good for early detection. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase! It helps for sure!

Naila 10/01/2019

Only try one cycle! These test strips are affordable and accurate. My cycle is irregular and extremely long (50 days). So I got an ovulation app to keep it track. But it wasn't working. Then I got these test strips, and download the product app to start taking test. The app was able to tell the testing line was slightly darker than the other line. And 3 weeks after my ovulation day (2 days before my next period), I decided to try the pregnancy test. And I got clearly 2 lines, then I pull out one of the first aid digital early pregnancy test just to double confirm. It was also positive! So here we are, baby #2 is coming!

Maliha 29/12/2018

I am very pleased with this product. I received very consistent results from both the ovulation tests and the pregnancy tests. The ovulation line is very dark and easy to read, and the pregnancy test picked up 2 days before expected period ( I think this is amazing considering the price is so affordable too). I have been trying for 4 months and this was the first month using this product and now I'm pregnant. All I changed was that I used this product together with Pre-seed lubricant. I am unbelievably excited and hope others benefit from this product. I highly recommend it!!!

Mawra 14/12/2018

I bought these when I couldn't find the brand I previously used. I like that they are individually wrapped and I won't have to throw away any not used within 30 days. I doesn't come with a little cup to dip the stick in the sample. I love that the app takes a photo of the strip so that I can track and compare the tests without needing to save them. The app also somehow detects the line to help you know when the LH surge is detected. I'd be curious to know if the app works with other brand stripes too...I'm thinking it would. Also, we got pregnant the first try this time so it detected my late ovulation pretty accurately!

Sabaat 01/11/2018

My husband and I just recently found out we are pregnant after the 2nd month of using this product. We have been trying for 4 months, when I figured we would try this. I did already follow with a ovulation app, but once using these strips I found my peak was actually a day later than the app was projecting. I tried to pee around noonish everyday (being a nurse sometimes that got tricky), using fresh urine. I found it best to wait 5 minutes before taking the picture that connects with the app. Always found it better to play around with the lightening when taking the picture for the app, if you too much light the app either wont pick up the line at all, or will be a lower number than actually is. Don't be hard on yourself. My husband and I always said troubleshooting and not trying to get pregnant.

Anabia 16/09/2018

I was so skeptical to buy these but I am really impressed especially because I had my first peak day today!!! I’ve been using other ovulation tracking apps that did not work, clearly. According to these LH testing strips I am actually a late ovulator. My app was a whole 8 days off and I’ve been beating myself up thinking I can’t get pregnant. I got my first true darker than the test line reading today and cried of excitement

Sonia Iqbal 27/07/2018

The ovulation tests came out with the two Red Marquitas, the first always very Rosita bone less marked than the second. Suddenly one day they come out with the two super marked marks, the line that came out almost invisible came out too red. I had sex with my husband not so confident that I would become pregnant.. 11 days after that came the positive pregnancy test. We're happy... They are highly recommended.

Parveer 31/03/2018

I am amazed at how well this kit worked. I ovulated on day 16. My LH surge showed up on November 3rd, so we tried twice that day, and then my LH was down on the 4th. That was all it took! I found out I was pregnant 10 dpo (days post ovulation) with the faint line in the picture. I took tests on 11 & 12 dpo and got a bfp! Can’t believe it took one cycle and one day of trying and I’m already pregnant! ❤️???? Definitely recommend this product. Clear blue was the best brand of pregnancy test for us, as the test strips that come with the kit are not as sensitive. Good luck everyone!

Sadaf Jabeen 07/01/2018

I am dealing with fertility issues and this product has greatly eased this whole process for me. I am saving so much money by buying in bulk this product as opposed to what I was doing before by getting those spendy pregnancy/ovulation kits in the supermarket. I did the math and I am literally saving HUNDREDS with this product. I am super happy I stumbled on a video online relating to trying to conceive, that recommended buying this product in bulk to save money. Also I was amazed at how early this product detected my pregnancy, 4 days prior to my expected period! I was not expecting that so I was very pleasantly surprised. Good luck to all of you pursuing your dreams of starting a family!

Bisma Raza 11/10/2017

I love this product, and I am so happy to finally be able to report that I am six weeks pregnant! I wanted to write a review because I read so many reviews that said ‘this worked for me after one month’, and for me that was a little disheartening. I almost wonder if those people didn’t really need these. We tried for about 3 months before the strips, and about 5 more before getting the positive test with this product. However, what the strips did was allow me to test as many times as I wanted, feel less guilty about testing, and all for a low cost. I could also test a few days sooner or later than the potential ovulation date to make me feel better. The pregnancy tests did work well for me also. I attached a photo of the first pregnancy test I took a couple days before my missed period; they started with very light lines and got darker as days went on. Overall will buy again when we go for baby number two! Fingers crossed for a healthy pregnancy ????????Good luck to all!

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