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Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories pHresh - Promotes Healthy Vaginal pH Balance, Supports Vaginal Health 600mg, Bottle of 30 Natural Boric Acid Suppositories Non-GMO, Third-Party Tested - Made in USA

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Size: 3.8 in x 1.8 in x 1.8 in
Weight: 60.00 g
Sumera 03/05/2020

Okay, I’m going to be honest. I started using these at the peak of a reoccurring bad yeast infection (strong odor, thick/chunky discharge, itchiness & burning). Let’s just say it was BAD. I was so hesistant about using these because just like the other reviewers, I had tried everything. I use 1 every night before bed and by Day 4, my symptoms were GONE! I felt better and my queen v felt better and so much fresher!!! If you have issues with reoccurring infections/BV, I highly recommend to get these and keep them handy just in case for the future. They work ladies and you’ll feel so much better!!!! Oh yeah, make sure to get it all the way up there. The farther up, the better.

Sobia Naz 16/03/2020

ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING. Hear me out, ladies! These capsules are magical! Im going to share some TMI information so other women who are suffering in silence can hopefully find some relief. Since I got my first period 15 years ago, I always had this....odor.. sometimes ammonia like, sometimes fishy depending where in my cycle I was. I thought that's just how my V will always be and was super embarrassed. So embarrassing I never told my GYN. I figured if it was something serious, it would come up in some test. Also I feel like I was missing out intimately because I tried to hide it. I stumbled across these just browsing Amazon. I read some reviews and was like sure why not? I am amazed! Blown away! After one pill, there is NO ODOR. nothing. Why did I wait so long to try something like this? I will always keep these on hand.

Yumna 27/01/2020

I have always looked forward to yeast infections if prescribed an antibiotic, and bacterial vaginitis if somebody merely looked at me wrong. Lately, within the past two years, I've had this slight yet persistent odor that deterred me from certain sexual acts. I inserted one capsule before bed of pHfresh Boric Acid, and woke up with a delightfully happy vagina! The finger test proved I am odor free! It's a Christmas miracle! Seriously, I only know I had a smelly vag, I used one capsule, and I no longer have a smelly vag.

Sabeeha 20/12/2019

For 20 years I suffered from Vulvovaginitis, no treatment worked. I can say thank God and this product is like a miracle, I did the treatment for 7 days and finally I am free Chronic Vulvovaginitis.

Izza Tahir 21/07/2019

I had been doing a lot of research on avoiding infections and I found out about these. I havent had a lot of luck with antibiotics so I figured why not give it a try. These work well and are so easy to use.

Qandeel 08/06/2019

PHresh is amazing!
It cleared up my BV very fast. I've had issues with this for years and have tried many other products with mixed (at best) results. PHresh cleared it up and I haven't had any recurrences.
I would definitely recommend this product.

Sehar 03/05/2019

Within a few hours of application symptoms cleared! No mess no leakage no irritation! Amazing product. I suffer from reaccuring yeast infections and this is the first thing that has worked right away. And also made me taste better right away. Azo no longer worked for me so this is a God send will keep in my medicine cabinet forever! Thank you!

Noreen 20/04/2019

This stuff has saved my life. I’ve battled BV and yeast infections for the past 11 years. I’ve recently went to the doctor and noticed a strange fishy smell down there. I was tested for literally everything. The doctors didn’t find anything wrong but I knew something was off. I recently got off birth control so they assumed that my hormones were a bit off from it. So I decided doing research myself on what could possibly help my PH balance and the slight odor. I discovered these pills and HONEY LET ME TELL YOU....I only took ONE pill and the odor is completely gone! After investing so much money into CoPays and prescriptions I believe I finally found the solution to my problems.

Amna Ali 13/01/2019

If you chronologically suffer with vaginal issues like yeast infections and BV, try these.
I was so tired of constantly just being given antifungals and antibiotics without any attempt to get to the root of the problem.
I had an old-school doctor that prescribed me boric acid capsules when I was in high school about 20 years ago but doctors now literally don’t know about this treatment option (trust me I have asked). So this a great option to be able to get these without having to go to a special compounding pharmacist or try to make yourself.
Give it a try, I was to the point that things could not get any worse.

Rabia 19/12/2018

My doctor suggested these after reoccurring yeast symptoms with no infection present. There is some initial burning at the insertion site but not completely unbearable. I find that laying down after insertion and using olive oil to guide it reduces burning. It worked within a day. I am quite frankly impressed. I use it after a period or when I feel that tingle.

Maheen 24/10/2018

I was a little hesitant before I purchased this product, but a girlfriend of mine had told me one of her doctors actually recommended to use it and she would get it at her pharmacy. Im so happy I finally tried it, for any of us girls who know how frustrating it is to get infections or even just be irritated, this is a lifesaver! I felt better even after the first day I used it, definitely would recommend this product.

Saira 24/05/2018

I’m just so glad I’m not the only one dealing with BV!!! I ordered them last Tuesday and got them Wednesday. Since then my odor is gone!!!!! I will have a bottle of these as a back up all the time!!! Amazing results

Wajeeha 30/03/2018

This stuff works! It does exactly what it says it would. Such a relief to NOT have to deal with BV ANYMORE!! It brought me and my husband's sex life back. No more insecurities. I just can't say enough about this miracle. Be sure to push the suppository ALL THE WAY UP THERE. Day#1 at bedtime, i used one. (dont forget to sleep with a panty liner) Next morning, the odor was very faint. That evening i used another suppository and went to bed. The following morning the odor was gone!! So for me, 2 suppositories cleared it for me!! I haven't used anymore since. I am going to purchase another bottle to just keep in stock! Thank you Jesus! I can't say enough about this! Don't be sceptical. Buy it!! You will feel complete again. You will feel feminine and fresh! Just buy it. Help is here! I hope I've helped you ladies make a decision to purchase this blessing! Be blessed!

Naseeba Ijaz 27/01/2018

I've dealt with chronic yeast infection/ bacterial vaginitis since I was a teenager. The doctors told me to change my detergent and use sensitive soap. One even told me to eat less sugar. I've tried everything and I was still having recurring BV and yeast infections. I thought I had to deal with this for the rest of my life. I used the pHresh suppositories and within days my symptoms cleared up. No smell or odor - the name pHresh says it all, because I feel FRESH !! I use one suppository a day for 3 to 5 days during or after my period just to balance the pH and not worry about a yeast infection forming up. I strongly urge anyone with the same story to use this product.. Its much easier and safer than taking antibiotics and using prescription creams .

Amber 29/12/2017

Listen bishhhhhhhhhh,why haven't I found this earlier in my life,My vjj is super sensitive so I know when something is out of wack,the doctor gave me yeast infection meds but they worked a lil bit even after my test it was just a photo balance issue, I did not want to take anymore pills or damn creams so I did research and can across boric acid,came here and read the reviews of other women who have similar issues(glad I'm not alone)I took this for 3 days,saw results after the first day,and my girl is actually way more lubricated then ever before,will be keeping this on standbye at ALL TIMES,needless to say everything cleared up all smiles here thank you so much,because I was super irritated

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