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NutraBlast Boric Acid Suppositories 600mg w/Vaginal Applicator, 30 Suppositories & 15 Applicators - pH Balance for Women, Feminine Care - Made in USA

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Size: 6.0 in x 8.0 in x 3.5 in
Weight: 160.00 g
Ishrat 05/05/2020

This works wonders! I have suffered constant yeast infections due to my elevated H1C for the last 6 months and this clears any symptoms I have literally overnight.

Atooba Waqas 07/03/2020

I am the worst with keeping up with things and I'm beyond positive this works because after only a FEW HOURS of inserting the suppository, I was being cleaned out immediately. I have suffered with recurrent BV for months and am seeking a permanent resolution and I feel in my gut with some consistency using this and probiotics my pH will stay nice and balanced!!! Literally immediately, even when I would go pee just from pushing a little I could see and feel all of the discharge removing itself and it actually feels great. I hate the medications and the gross gels that just mix everything together. This is definitely worth what you pay and I got a lovely two month supply so I will be back once that is gone!

Zainab 15/02/2020

I have been suffering from BV infections and Yeast Infections for almost 3 years now. It started happening out of the blue. I have been taking anti fungal antibiotics once a month for the past 3 years to get rid of these embarrassing infections. This product actually works!! I did it for a week straight and the infections have gone away! I can’t believe it. I’ve only been using for a week straight each month for 2 months so it hasn’t kept them away but I’m hoping after continuously using it that it will eventually keep them away. This is a much better and safer option than filling my body with antibiotics every single month.

Haroon 27/01/2020

Very surprised at how well this product works. I'm on day 4 and the smell and discharge is gone ????. Very skeptical at first but I'm so happy that I decided to give it a shot!

Irum 24/01/2020

So I really wanted to get rid of the odor I had and I knew it was due to my eating habits, lack of water intake and having sex. I could never really find anything that helped my yeast infections/BV but then I saw this youtube video of a nurse mentioning this product and I decided to buy it. BEST THING EVER!!!! After one use I had no odor at all and most importantly I didn’t taste like anything at all either. I was really worried about my taste because of my boyfriend. But I highly recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from yeast infections/BV, abnormal discharge(thick and white but any other kind that isn’t this or a normal discharge should be talked about with a doctor). Also if you are worried about how you taste to your partner then this definitely helps.

Kalsoom 04/11/2019

On and off over a couple years I had symptoms of infection with both BV and yeast. Did Monistat, made things seem more irritated most of the time and would just come back. Did that nasty clear gel one doctor gave me, it would treat it at the moment, it'd be gone for a few weeks, then come back again. My doctor recommended I try Boric Acid, I spent hours searching for products, chose this one. Used it for the recommended time (I think a week) only once and have not had a symptom since. That was 7 months ago!! I don't even have the daily discharge I used to think was just "normal." Clear urine, clear underwear, fresh clear smell always. It will change your life! I got the pack with the extra applicators because I just throw the applicator away after using. You could wash and reuse I guess but I didn't want to chance the infection hanging around on anything going back in, ya know?

Maryam 28/09/2019

I normally have to go to the doctor to get medicine for my yeast infections i saw reviews that this works almost over night so i though I’ll try it to save money. WOW! I’ve mever had meds that worked over the counter for my yeast infections. It did take the 3rd for me to see it’s working but i did notice a difference by the 2nd day that it was working. Will be ordering back up

Yasmeen 31/07/2019

I wasn’t smelling so fresh and it was so annoying and embarrassing. I even went to my gynecologist about it and said I had no issues. I used this for 5 days straight. I smell great all day and my vajayjay is feeling real juicy! I was feeling really dry before but now I finally feel confident and like my old self again.

Humera 20/06/2019

This has been a ultimate game changer for me... I have always suffered from infection after infection... I started this during a infection and it took care of it VERY QUICKLY.. now I use 1 every 2 to 3 weeks to stay on top of everything and o am happy to report that I no longer have any issues and have been infection free for almost 3 months.. which is huge I suffered from infections from laundry soap, intimacy, heck the change of the moon! I love this product and so easy to use!

Asma 31/05/2019

This product works immediately and with no adverse effects

Biya 11/05/2019

These boric acid capsules have been a GODSEND. My boyfriend and I have sex on a regular basis and it always screws up my ph levels. I used to get yeast infections all the time. I also used to take probiotics every day and do whatever my doctor told me to not get yeast infections. This boric acid stuff was my last resort. I use it right after sex. And I haven’t gotten a yeast infection since I started using this. (I started using this last year.) IT IS AWESOME!

Sahiba 01/03/2019

So long story short after using the Depo shot and multiple failed birth controls I honestly believe that I completely ruined my pH balance and I started to notice a reoccurring smell and it seemed like whenever it came I literally have to go to the doctors and see if I can receive medication because it was just some kind of reoccurring infection I guess because of the short time I'd have to wait to get a refill on my birth control (BV)but anyways the smell was very embarrassing and I'm so happy to have you as product because I literally got fantastic results in one day like literally the next day no odor whatsoever and I'm so relieved..

Warda 24/02/2019

I received these just last Sunday and my BV was gone the following day!!! For someone who has suffered since I began puberty, this has been a game changer. The suppositories aren't so bad to insert as long as you take your time. After suffering for so long I know what triggers my BV (no thanks to doctors). Sugar and dairy are the culprit and also my weakness. So I know that if I indulge in too much of these what to expect. I wish I could give this to my teenage self to save myself the insecurity. But THANK YOU to NutraBlast for such an amazing product.

Maha 29/01/2019

I was hesitant to try this product at first, but after reading some good reviews I took a chance. I must say this is the most amazing thing I've ever tried. I'm a BV sufferer, along with a horrible smell I can't seem to get rid of no matter how much I tried. I was sick of going to the doctor for antibiotics just for it to be come back. Two nights of these bad boys and my smell/discharge is non-existent. I will ALWAYS keep these on hand. Miracle worker honestly.

Meerab 20/12/2018

This product has changed my life! I had a severe case of BV during an IVF round. That episode ended up lasting for 3 years and was the reason that my IVF resulted in a miscarriage. The pain was unbearable and most days I did not want to walk because of the soreness never mind being intimate. I tried antibiotics back to back for almost a year along with several natural home remedies. Nothing helped. I came across this product by accident and thought, I tried everything else why not? WHEN I TELL YOU THIS WORKS!!!! IT WORKS! I felt the difference within 48 hours! Everything from the pain to the odor, which I could smell but my husband says he couldn’t. Please try this and complete the 7 days. Now I use it for PH balance maintenance 1 to 2 times a week.

Noor Fatima 16/10/2018

I struggled for months with a BV, I tried Metronidazole pills and the gel and I also tried Betadyne douching and nothing worked! I was so frustrated and depressed because I couldn't get a handle on my situation. Although I was skeptical to be sticking Boric Acid inside of me, I read every artical that I could find on it!! So I tried NutraBlast for 14 days and BAM my BV is gone! I suggest using the suppositories at night and to wear a pad that evening and the whole next day. In other words, you should expect some clear to even pink discharge. The pink is only from the color of the suppository. Also, becasue I had the BV for so long I read that it was smart to use the suppositories 2x a week for 3 months just to make sure that my PH balance stays on point.

Sana 02/09/2018

I've been self conscious about the way synthetic fabrics have made me smell for a while (especially workout pants which I wear a lot) so I bought these to try because of the great reviews and they are awesome!! I only use them about once a week but I'm already much more confident than I was before...the one down side is that they ARE acid so it is possible to have some negative side effects. I have had a few mild skin reactions but so far nothing major enough for me to stop using them. If you have sensitive skin though, definitely be on the cautious side...

Tayeba 10/06/2018

Shipping was very fast! I used the product for 5 days consecutively, and I can honestly say it made a huge difference in odor, discharge, and the amount of discomfort I was experiencing before. Even after the second day I could tell that the product was making a difference. I no longer experience itching, excessive discharge, or foul odor down there. I’m so glad I was recommended these in a YouTube video because I had been researching for months on things that could alleviate the discomfort I was feeling. Ladies if you experience any of the things I have listed above I would absolutely recommend this product. It really does help, and it is relatively inexpensive.

Umaima 02/03/2018

Oooommmgggggoooddd this thing ACTUALLY works!!! At first I was skeptical about it but now I am really thankful I gave it a try. Thanks to the mukbang YouTuber Stephanie Soo for sharing about this great product. In my experience I have an unbalanced PH level and have a really bad odor that is some how similar to an onion smell but after using this product for 3 days, the odor disappeared. I feel a lot more confident when going to the gym and just in general. Love love love this product!!! Will surely repurchase it.

Samia 22/01/2018

Being a woman that suffers from having BV and yeast infection constantly, I’ve tried everything from over the counter medicine to Monistat and nothing worked. I would refer this product to anyone going through what I went through. This product works instantly.

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