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Trak at-Home Sperm Test: 2-Test Kit | Track Sperm Count and Semen Volume Over Time with 2 Tests | Immediate Lab Accurate Results | FSA/HSA Eligible | Editor’s Choice

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Naveed 02/05/2020

This seems to do the job and work. Not sure how legit their scale is but for an at home kit it seems pretty good.

Munawr 20/03/2020

Informative kit that is very easy to use and more detailed data analysis than lesser kits.

Qadir 14/12/2019

Love this system. It was so fast and easy to use and so nice to be able to use it in the privacy of our own home. Great information provided for helping to improve and maintain sperm count as well.

Daowd 02/09/2019

This kit is very easy to use. The process isn't complicated and easy to figure out. If discreet is what you want, then this kit is the way to go. It comes with a guide to explain your results.

Ashar 23/07/2019

Trak is a great product to use when trying to check your husbands sperm count especially if your trying to conceive after a vasectomy reversal. Very easy to use and easy to use instructions.

Salman 17/05/2019

I like this sperm test kit. It is rather easy to setup and use and the directions are helpful. I also like the site and booklet that came with product as it has great info on improving sperm health. I believe the accuracy near spot on as confirmed by an in person semen analysis. Overall great product and I recommend to others. I wish there was a way to somehow measure motility.

Zaniab 05/04/2019

My husband had a vasectomy reversal done, and we were anxious to see if it worked. We ordered the Trak kit, did the test, and got a positive result! We got pregnant 6 weeks later! We loved how easy the test was to use and read. Everything you need is in the kit, and the instructions are great!

Tayyab 29/03/2019

Very easy to use. Good product.

Abdul Wasey 29/01/2019

Easy to use in the privacy of your home.
Using the Trak testing along with supplements was able to see sperm count go from 15M/ml to over 55M/ml in just 30 days.

Rameez 06/01/2019

The cool thing about Trak is, they provide info on how to raise your count. So I’ll diet better and retest in a few weeks. I’m ecstatic that I have the return of sperm after the reversal surgery though!!

Ahmed Ali 20/11/2018

Finally! My guy has been avoiding getting tested ever since our doc recommended it. I was so happy when I stumbled across this. Trak is so easy to use and we quickly found out that the hubs has moderate sperm count. We got the free Trak app and have been making their suggested changes. I had no idea that pretty easy changes could make such a dramatic impact. We just tested again and our count has already increased! I highly recommend to anyone who has been having trouble TTC.

Ahsan Ellahi 09/09/2018

What a great product! Easy to use, quick results, and no embarrassing performance anxiety in the Doctors office. No taking time off work for the Doctors office. What on earth are you waiting for? This is the absolute easiest way to determine if you have a 'count' issue and to track if lifestyle changes are improving things or not. Customer service is very responsive. Did you know 50% of men today would be considered infertile by 1940s sperm count standards. Figure out cheaply and easily if this is an issue for you or not.

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