Safe & Effective Scar Fade Balm Best for Old Acne Scars, Pregnancy Scars & Stretch Marks Made in USA Sale in Pakistan

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Wild Thera Scar Remover for Face, Stretch Marks, Acne Scars, Pregnancy Scars, Surgery Scars and burns. Natural scar cream for old scar, back acne, kids scar with Shea butter, Jojoba and Avocado Oil.

  • CONCENTRATED HERBAL BALM. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. NO WATER, NO ALCOHOL, NO CHEMICALS OR STABILIZERS. Herbal Moisturizer with Vitamin E oil. No petroleum by-products, No Harmful Preservatives, No Parabens, No PCB, No Sulfates, No Toluene, No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Fragrances.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS like Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Tamanu Oil and more to help minimize appearance of scarring on the skin. Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest purity and Beeswax deliver targeted benefits. Common scar treatments include light therapy, chemical peel, steroid injections, wound healer, laser resurfacing etc.
  • NO HARSH SIDE EFFECTS. This is a natural herbal skin balm. This product is a support for bug bite scar removal, Deep Acne Scars, Wounds, Removal of Freckles or Birthmarks or Tattoos, Spider Veins or Varicose Veins, Sunburn, Chemical Burns, Scleroderma, Shingles etc.
  • HYDRATES SKIN while healing scars. Scar Fade Balm increases the moisture content of your skin and stays locked in. As an added bonus, it leaves your skin smooth and supple to the touch. Can be safely used with Burn Gel, After Shave Balm, Aftershave cream, InstaNatural Scar Gel Cream, Dark Spot Corrector, Homeopathic Scar Gel etc.
  • MADE IN THE USA. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. We offer a variety of Natural, Organic Herbal Balms including: Breathe Easy Balm, Headache Ease Balm (Headaches/Migraines), Rash Balm (Rashes, Bug Bites, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Ringworm), EczaSkin Balm (Eczema/Psoriasis), Burn Balm, Joint Ease Balm, Sore Muscle Balm, Stress Soothe Balm, Cheerful Mood Balm, Cuts/Scrapes Balm (Nicks/Chafes), Scar Fade Balm, Cracked Dry Skin Balm, Digest Soothe Balm, Breast Massage Balm, Bruise Away Balm, Goodnite Balm.

Create products to help the body come back to a balanced state of health. We have formulated and developed products that help support your well being.

Healthy living is a state of being that has to be maintained constantly. There are a lot of therapeutic options out there and many of them are effective for different ailments, issues and problems.

Our goal was to develop a line of healing therapy products that combine traditional natural herbal knowledge with modern science. Modern families are busy and care about the quality of the products that they use. That’s why we strive to ensure that our products are made with excellent ingredients, combine traditional and modern techniques, and provide natural, safe and powerful solutions.

Why Chose Wild Thera

Natural and Organic Ingreidents. Made in USA, Non-GMO, Organic, Natural, Cruelty Free, Herbal, Safe & Effective

We have NO parabens, synthetics, alcohol, preservatives, harsh chemicals, petroleum by-products or other dangerous solvents. We never test our products on animals so they are totally cruelty free.

All our products are designed, formulated and manufactured in the USA.

Traditional Herbal & Plant Based Wellness

Our products combine herbs, oils, butters and plant extracts from different modalities.

Additionally, our ingredients originate from organizations and locations that follow stringent guidelines and meet rigorous standards.


Balms contain no water, they do not require any chemicals, stabilizers, emulsifiers etc. They deliver pure concentrated herbal active ingredients.

Creams and lotions contain between 70%-90% water – and require preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers and chemicals to maintain shelf life.

All of these are absorbed by your body through your skin and can cause issues and side effects.

Natural Baby Care

Effective, natural & organic herbal care from birth through childhood: diaper rash, eczema, dryness, rashes, colic, insomnia, nasal congestion and allergies.

Babies & children are different from the rest of us. Not just because they are smaller, but also because their skin and bodies are still growing and require a gentler, softer approach to wellness. Our baby balms and oils are rich with nutrients, tender oils and butters - but completely free of phthalates, parabens, chemicals and preservatives.

Give your baby the gift of natural health and well-being.

Bella Collection Face, Body & Hair Care

Wild Thera's Bella Collection has been designed for natural healthy, beauty and well-being.

Each oil in the collection is designed to target specific issues while creating a holistic system for skin health.

Body Oil Include: Nourishing Oil, Pampering Oil, Radiant Oil, Firm & Tone Oil and Muscle Massage Oil

Hair Oils Include: Hair Conditioning Oil, Hair Restore & Repair Oil

Face Oils include: Balancing Face Oil, Brightening Face Oil, Cleansing Face Oil, Sensitive Face Oil & Hydrating Oil.

For Men: Mustache & Beard Care

Wild Thera Beard Oil & Beard Balm are made with Natural & Organic ingredients, including extra virgin olive oil, herbal extracts and specialty butters.

This powerful combination conditions and tames your beard while reducing flakiness and itching. Hydrating essential oils deliver a subtle, masculine aroma.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing Beardruff/Beard Dandruff
  • Soften and Repair hair follicles
  • Enhance thickness and fullness
  • Reduce Itch and Flakiness

Leave your beard tangle free and improve hair and skin texture.

Scent: Scar Fade Balm | Size: 1 Ounce

Important information

Safety Information

For external use only. Do not apply to broken skin or open wounds. In case of skin reaction or irritation, discontinue use. Consult with your physician if you are taking any medications, or if you are pregnant or nursing.


Scars, Stretch Marks, Pockmarks, Acne Scars, Age Spots, Skin Discoloration, Skin Lightening, Skin Cracks, Sun Spots, Uneven Skin Tone, Dehydrated Skin


Natural Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Natural Beeswax, Natural Almond Oil, Natural Avocado Oil, Natural Jojoba Oil, Natural Macadamia Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Natural Tamanu Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Natural Rosehip Oil, Natural Sea Buckthorn Oil, Organic Comfrey, Organic Licorice, Organic Chamomile, Organic Lavender, Organic Onion, Organic Rosemary, Organic Lemon, Organic Rosehip, Organic Orange, Organic Turmeric, Organic Calendula, Natural Essential Oil Blend, Natural Non-GMO Vitamin E. No Petroleum, Parabens or Chemicals. No Animal Testing. Non-GMO. Made in the USA. Ingredients Certified Organic by Oregon Title and QAI

How to Apply?

Apply on old or new scars 2 or 3 times a day. Massage into skin thoroughly.

Legal Disclaimer

This product is not a drug or medicine. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Size & Weight
Weight: 30.00 g
Shahzain 01/06/2020

So amazing!! I have been using it for about a month now and you can totally tell a difference. Almost all of the acne scars on my face are gone! It is 100% staying in my beauty care regiment

Hina 13/04/2020

I was looking for something that would soothe and help eliminate dark circles. Over the course of a couple weeks it seems to help. It also feels really good, and it's nice to know that my skin around my eye isn't absorbing a ton of chemicals in the process.

Jawad 29/01/2020

I have been using this for a little over 2-weeks and am seeing a reduction in my incision area from a surgery I just had. The balm has an herbal scent that is not off-putting and feels cool as you put on the incisions. I use this after my morning shower and after my workouts. A little goes a long way and can be rubbed in to the skin with no irritation nor residue.

Farah 22/12/2019

Absolutely fantastic. I have always had a problem with my cuticles. I have been using this for just a few days at night before bed a couple of applications. Smells great, not oily and I have already seen a difference. You must try this if you have a problem with dry cuticles.

Eshaal 20/11/2019

So far I really am very impressed with this scar balm! I chose this particular product because it is natural without any hard ingredients and chemicals. It applies very easily to the skin and rubs in well. It does have a natural/earthy scent, which is calming to me. I have been using this for a few days so far on an old scar and I feel like it is slightly lighter already!

Amad 26/10/2019

I'm always on the look out for natural things that work as well as scripts and medicines. I have started using this to work magic on my c-section scar. I picked it because it is not tested on animals and it is made from natural ingredients. I think it actually smells really good. I rub just a little on before bed and a little goes a long way so I actually feel like this jar will last me a while. It's too early to know if it is working yet, but I will hopefully remember to circle back in a couple of weeks and report on the status of my scar.

Areesha 19/10/2019

I have had some massive scars on my arms and legs caused by a stress response to a bacterial infection. The past two summers I have hated going out in public due to the scarring on my arms (In the winter I can wear long sleeves). Well, no more! I decided this spring I'd really target the issue. This was one of two things I've used. I used a vitamin internally and this topically. I added this to my regime after I'd been on the vitamins for a while. It was when I added this topical salve that I noticed significant reduction in redness and overall scarring. My arms still have marking, but it is nowhere near as visible. I can comfortably wear short sleeves without needing to hide my arms.
I wasn't sure this would work, but I'm so glad I gave it a try. Would absolutely recommend.

Aleena 08/09/2019

Noticable difference on face and shoulders after only a couple of weeks. I got dark spots around my nose during pregnancy. This has helped fade those and keep away new acne. I have stretch marks on my shoulders that are nearly gone thanks to this ointment. The belly ones are more stubborn but I will keep applying 2x a day.

Mehreen 12/07/2019

I have been struggling with accepting the apperance of my abdomen since having my son. I have some pretty deep stretch marks. I searched for ways to diminish my stretch marks. I came across this balm after some searching and decided to try it. The worst that can happen is It does nothing. After about a week of use, some of my dark purple marks, have begun to slightly lighten. The balm is small enough to carry with me in my bag, but spreads well so I do not have to use a lot at one time. I like that the balm has no chemicals in it and is all natural. It does not leave my fingers feeling greasy like other balms, and it smells amazing. I will be getting more when I run out.

Madeeha 16/06/2019

I’ve been using the eye glow balm since I received it (approximately two weeks) and it’s astounding the difference it’s made in my skin already. I wish I had a before picture, but honestly I didn’t think it’d make that much of a difference when I first started using it. Full disclosure: I’ve actually been using this twice a day (morning and bedtime) all over my face - not just under my eyes. My skin is super soft, tiny wrinkles have smoothed out, and my under eyes do seem a little brighter. I have combination skin, and I work out a lot, so I wasn’t sure how putting a salve on my face would turn out. But my skin loves it and it smells amazing! After this I’m actually thinking about buying more of their line of salves and stuff.

Hira Aslam 01/05/2019

I’ve been using this balm on scars from bug bites on my arms and in the 10 days I’ve bern using it I’ve already noticed a slight color change. I’m eager to see how much lighter they get over the next few weeks. The balm although small seems like it will last a long time! I appreciate that it’s natural and not packed with chemicals like mederma.

Iffat Bukhari 25/03/2019

This scar remover works great for old acne scars. I had a few on my cheek that weren't horrible, but they were noticable, and I ALWAYS noticed them. I've tried a few creams that claim to eliminate scars with no results. This one was recommended by a friend and she had seen results first hand so I figured I'd give it a shot and see if it did anything for me. I've only been using a short time and can already see a difference in the appearance of some of my scars. I'm very excited to see what long term effects are going to be like! This is a miracle balm for sure!

Ali Raza 10/03/2019

I like this balm very much with so many natural ingredients was a big plus for me. With my allergies it is great and I am stating to see some results.

Saima Irfan 21/01/2019

I love the smell, I even use it as a perfume sometimes. Kind of a "spa" smell. My favorite thing is using it on my eyebrows a couple times a day, and then brushing it in with a eyebrow brush. Nice habit for grooming brows, and the oils are anti-bacterial which keeps them clean and clear. I use around my crow's feet at night (during the day you'll look too oily), but I'm careful not to get too close to my eyes or you can wake up a little cloudy eyed.

Maheen Gul 29/12/2018

I had a TCA Cross scar across my belly that literally looked like an open wound cut from surgery / samurai sword. It was extremely red and gross, and I never went out with my shirt off under any circumstance. Prior to purchasing this cream, I had tried other topical creams for my acne growing up and found them to be utterly useless. I was extremely skeptical about this cream too, but I gave it a shot. For the first month or two, there were no real visible effects. However, as the months progressed, I began to see the area of the scar fade and not be as red. Mind you, there were times when I forgot to put it on as directed (they recommend twice a day) I have finished my first batch and am on my second. Although the scar is still visible, I would honestly say that it is 60% better now and would really highly recommend this item as it truly is a life-changing gem!

Ghania 12/08/2018

recovering from major heart surgery that left a major scar i am noticing scars are slowly fading with balm and holes left from "pipes" are smoothing out , recomend balm ,but be good boys and girls and take care of yourselves and avoid surgery if at all possible.ok.

Munaza 15/05/2018

I got the eye balm on a recommendation from a friend. She swears by it and I was not disappointed. It has a nice light scent to it and I noticed a difference in my dark eye circles and eye puffiness after the second night of use! I have 4 children and sleep is scarce right now. All it takes is a little swipe right under you eyes before you go to sleep at night. I will continue using this nightly because it has boosted my confidence so much by decreasing what I assumed were permanent dark bags to nothing!

Farzana 10/02/2018

I ordered this after a friend told me about it, I recently burned my hand pretty bad cooking lunch for my kids and the scar on my hand was bothering me. I’ve only consistently been using it 2-4 times a day for about 4 days because I keep forgetting where I put it. But I have noticed the scar is no longer as raised as it once was and in person you can definitely tell it’s gotten smaller. I can’t wait to see what happens as I keep using it. The first picture was about a week ago when I first got it and the 2nd today.

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