Ageless Beauty Instant Face Lift with Hyaluronic Acid - Drastically Reduces Eye Bags, Wrinkles, Lines, Puffiness (25mL - 5 Vials)

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Ageless Beauty Instant Face Lift with Hyaluronic Acid | Acai Extract | Argireline | Matrixyl 3000 - Drastically Reduces Eye Bags, Wrinkles, Lines, Puffiness | Tighten Skin Instantly (25mL - 5 Vials)

  • MORE product for LESS” – Get More Instant Face Lift Serum by Nutrafeel Ageless Beauty with ACAI Fruit Extract, Hyaluronic ACID, Argireline, among other Key Ingredients for a Lower Price. Formulated to Bring Back a YOUNGER YOU! Reducing those annoying Eye Bags, Wrinkle, Redness and Puffiness under the Eyes Instantly, Without Surgery or Unwanted Injections
  • How to Use: Please shake Tub Gently. Apply a small amount of Instant Face Lift gel to clean skin with fingertip by "Padding” smoothly over wrinkles, puffy eyes, or other affected areas. “DO NOT RUB”, please allow product to “DRY Completely” by staying "expressionless” for couple minutes until and Not applying when product is Dry. Results typically last up to 8 hours. Each vial provides multiple applications.
  • NOTE: Please stay "motionless", while allowing the product to “DRY” completely to Avoid creating a "White Film" or "Flaking". If it happens, please remove with “Warm Water” using a clean piece of nonabrasive cloth, wait a couple minutes, then “Apply”. DO NOT apply additional on top of the product that’s already on the skin, could result in creating a "White Film" or "Flake". Conserved product properly closed to protect its integrity. Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs.
  • Nutrafeel Ageless Beauty Instant Face Lift, specially formulated to provide instant results, it does not provide long-term results. The results typically last up to 8 hours; it does not eliminate, prevents, or reduce wrinkles permanently. Nutrafeel Ageless Beauty Instant Face Lift it’s aimed to temporary tightens the skin giving a YOUTHFUL LOOK. Ageless Beauty Instant Face Lift it’s aimed to temporary tightens the skin giving a YOUTHFUL LOOK.
  • Environmentally SAFE and Never Animal Tested: at Nutrafeel, we are Environmentally Conscious and Quality Fixated, creating only Safe, reliable and Responsible Products that are NEVER Tested on Animals - Manufactured in a Quality control Facility (cGMPs) in the U.S.A., at a Registered Lab. For External Use ONLY, Do Not Ingest.

Product Description

Ageless Beauty Instant Face Lift

Ageless Beauty Instant FaceLift

Manufacturing Logo and StatementAgeless Beauty Instant FaceLiftAgeless Beauty Instant FaceLift


Provides Tightening and Moisture Retention Benefits, giving YOUR Skin an Antioxidant Boost and Protects Skin from environmental aggressor.

Ageless Beauty Instant FaceLift


Hyaluronic Acid is infused into Ageless Beauty Instant Face Lift cream for its Hydration Retention capabilities; Moisture and Restores the Full and Youthful Appearance of the Skin.

Ageless Beauty Instant FaceLift


A unique Anti-Wrinkle Peptide that has been Shown in Significant Testing to be Effective Against the Development of Skin Wrinkles.

Ageless Beauty Instant FaceLift


The first Anti-Aging ingredient based on the Matrikine Peptide Technology, its Efficiency have been Demonstrated on both Women and Men. A Clinical Study Demonstrated that after just 2 Months of Treatment with Matrixyl 3000 Deep Wrinkles were Reduced by 45%, and the Skin Tonicity Increased by nearly 20%.

Ageless Beauty Instant FaceLift

Size & Weight
Size: 5.5 in x 3.4 in x 0.7 in
Weight: 1.59 oz

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