Portable Pulse Oximeter Fingertip, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Large LED Display Buy in Pakistan

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Pulse Oximeter Fingertip, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor, Heart Rate and SpO2 Levels, Large LED Display - Portable Oximeter with Lanyard

  • ✅ ACCURATE AND RELIABLE - The pulse oximeter comes with good quality and strong applicability. It measures the SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation level) and pulse rate accurately in about 10 seconds or less. The large digital LED display can clearly display SpO2 , pulse rate and pulse rate bar graph.
  • ✅ WIDE APPLICATION - For sports enthusiasts like mountain climbers, skiers, bikers or any people interested in measuring their SPO2 and pulse rate. The oximeter is intended use for check of blood oxygen saturation level for sports or aviation use. You should remain stationary while the pulse oximeter measure your pulse rate and SpO2.
  • ✅ EXQUISITE APPEARANCE - Small size, does not take up space, easy to carry, can be hung on the body, can also be packed in pockets.
  • ✅ LOW POWER CONSUMPTION - The oximeter need 2 AAA batteries, not included in the package can be operated continuously for more than 30 hours. Also, the oximeter will power off automatically when no signal is in the product within 5 seconds.
  • ✅ YOU WILL GET - 1* Pulse Oximeter, 1* Lanyard, 1* User Manual and 1 year warranty. Note: This device is for sports and aviation use only. This is not for medical use.
  • Product Description

  • oximeter
    pulse oximeter

    Pulse Oximeter Fingertip - Tracking your Healthy

    Automatic pulse oximeter fingertip has advanced measuring technique to provide you the most accurate reading Convenient to track your health every day

    • Accurate & Easy to use:This finger pulse oximeter accurately determine your SpO2 pulse rate and pulse strength.The large digital LED display can clearly to read
    • Reliable & Portable:The pulse oximeter can help you to confirm your SpO2 and pulse rate more clearly convenient for your health.
    • Wide Application:Finger oximiter suitable for home and outdoor use such as mountain climbers skiers bikers aviators or anyone interested in measuring their SpO2 and pulse rate
    • fingertip oximeter

      One Button Operation

      The pulse oximeter is fully automatic, just need press one button to measure your blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate. All process just need a few seconds.

      blood spo2 monitor

      Quickly Measure

      Your Blood’s SpO2 Oxygen Saturation Arterial Hemoglobin Levels Pulse Rate and Pulse Strength in 10 seconds or less displayed on its large digital read LED display


      Screen Protector

      Our products have screen protectors, which prevent scratches on the screen. You can tear the screen protector before use.quick mearsure

Size & Weight
Size: 4.1 in x 2.7 in x 2.0 in
Weight: 1.59 oz
Saleem 05/06/2020

This is a quality oximeter that is easy to operate and easy to quickly read your oxygen levels & heart rate during this pandemic It could help if you have COVID-19. this product is Portable, lightweight & convenient. I got recommended from my doctor when I was sick.

Waleed 10/05/2020

Very small machine and very easy to use. It fits nice over finger and displays all information on screen nicely and visibly. Screen quality is great and the controls are easy to use. Can easily be carried in pocket anywhere.

Amna 25/01/2020

The product is fairly accurate. It also flips on rotation so as to more easily see the results. Recommend.

Muneeb 17/12/2019

This is a nifty product that works using photoplethysmography (using light to measure spO2 and pulse). The cushioning is good and the product is sturdy. I tested it against soda and merlot to see the increase and decrease in heart rate. In comparison, I have my Samsung Galaxy phone. The digits were within 1 point. In summary, your getting what you pay for here. Recommended

Murad 12/10/2019

The product was easy to put together. It was also very easy to use. It had foam where you put your finger for comfort. I turns off by itself after use. I like this product .

Rayyan 21/08/2019

Tells you your heart rate and oxygen saturation level (%SpO2), Can be used for sporting or medical reason. It comes with 2 AAA batteries, a band for hanging and a decent manual. Readings can easily be viewed on screen after inserting finger and press ON button. Pressure is perfect and does not squeeze finger. Very easy to use, light weight and durable.

Sarmad 05/08/2019

Received my oximeter and I'm really pleased with it. It shows the heart rate and also your oxygen level. Looks to be of good quality

Aleena 06/06/2019

Good to have in today's climate.
Compact unit. Comes with batteries and a nice lanyard.
Great accessory for spot check.
Appears similar in construction and seems similar in accuracy to "medical" unit just by comparison readings...

Munir 25/05/2019

As a patient with a chronic illness, during the pandemic I need to monitor my health from home. My physician recommended getting an oximeter to check my O2 levels. This product comes with a very nice lanyard, which is was a surprise! And two triple A batteries. This thing is idiot proof. Turn it on, put it on your finger, and get your pulse and 02 levels within seconds. My first couple uses it said my 02 was 93-94, so I need to have that verified by a physician.
Great product product for those chronically ill patients self isolating and monitoring their own health.

Laiba 22/04/2019

Exactly what I needed

Bushra 02/04/2019

I bought this to monitor my blood oxygen levels due to obvious reasons (probably the same reason you're reading this...) My oxygen levels have been normal and consistent since beginning to use this a week ago - I think that's a good sign of accuracy that it hasn't been giving any weird or inconsistent readings. It's also very easy to use and feels durable so I don't expect it to break any time soon. Seems like a good pulse oximeter to me.

Shahwaiz 20/01/2019

I wanted to get a pulse oximeter because of all the talk about what Covid can do and how to know if a mild case is about to become very serious. Everyone was out of stock, but I was finally able to get this one. My wife and I have both tested it. I also have a variation of a pulsemeter and and oximeter on my phone and the information lines up almost exactly. The display is very readable and I love that it turns itself off very quickly after taking it off your finger. I have to admit I don't fully understand the science of it, but there's a very complete description in the flyer that came with it. I love the education (though I still must admit I don't completely understand the science). The bottom line: I'm happy and comforted to have this and trust what I'm seeing on it.

Saqib 09/01/2019

This is clearly using a much more modern and more sophisticated chip than other oximeters with LED displays, such as the Metene -- which is very highly rated and more expensive. I also have the Metene and this is more accurate. This is the one I would recommend to my friends.

Noreen 23/12/2018

I am very concerned about this Corvid 19 virus. So I have been taking my temperature every day. But my sister, who is a nurse, told me that I also need to pay attention to my oxygen levels as well. I didn't know how to do that so she suggested I get an oximeter. I found this one, read the reviews and ordered it. It came right away. It's easy to use and interpret. It's much smaller than the photo which I prefer because it is small enough to fit right in my purse. I am going to carry it with me everywhere as we spend the next year or so dodging this virus.

Shahzain 18/11/2018

I got this after looking at pulse ox units for several weeks. My doctor suggested that I get one so I was in the market. I could not be more thrilled with this unit. It works quickly and clearly, ease of use is perfect. It does exactly what you want it to do. This is a great value for the money spent. We have a special needs child at home and using this is quick enough to not be an issue for flailing arms. The handy cord makes it easy to find and keep in a safe place. All around I would recommend this to anyone looking to get one for home use.

Raheel 10/09/2018

With this whole covid-19 thing going around I figured it’d be nice to have an oximeter laying around to give me a reading to figure out if my shortness of breathe is something that I need to pay attention to. It’s good peace of mind for me. I’ve used the Oximeter a couple of times just to try it out on a couple of people and it seems to work great, the heart rate is accurate, and the oxygen reading appears to be accurate as well. One really cool thing about it is that the display changes orientation based of the direction that it is hanging, so the reading are always easy to read. It was pretty affordable too :)

Junaid 22/05/2018

I received this Pulse Oximeter this afternoon. Installed the batteries then get the reading simultaneously with my Apple Iwatch. The pulse rate reading is the same. Tried multiple time, the reading is consistent. I believed this Pulse Oximeter is reliable and hope the %SpO2 is also accurate.

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