Original Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant Buy in Pakistan

Original Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant Buy in Pakistan
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Javeria 08/06/2020

I have had 4 pregnancies..2 of those were losses..but the 2 that were successful pregnancies were the 2 that I used Preseed. I cannot thank the makers of this product enough. I believe it is a huge reason that I have my children. I have recommended it to other couples that were having trouble conceiving and sure enough every single one of them that uses it, had a baby! If you are struggling to conceive or keep a pregnancy..PLEASE TRY PRESEED! It really works!

Haleema 12/04/2020

Trying to get pregnant after 35 is stressful. After 6 months trying unsuccessfully, I ordered Preseed along with evening primrose oil. Maybe just a coincidence but 2 months later we were pregnant and now our little girl is here! It really only took 1 month though because we didnt time things right at first. I will use these again right away when we are ready for the next one! It's affordable enough to give it a shot.

Hiba 29/02/2020

Pre-seed is amazing! Last month was my first month using it and I'm pregnant so it definitely works!

Nabila 08/09/2019

TTC for 2 years, no baby. Bought this a week before ovulation and used it every time. 12 days later, positive pregnancy test.

Atooba 31/07/2019

We tried to conceive for a year with no luck but after using this for one cycle, we got pregnant! It was easy to use (applied much like a tampon) and didn’t get super sticky and gross. Our only warning is to keep it off sheets or clothing, as it stained everything in came in touch with and we’ve had no luck getting it out with stain removers. Recommend to everyone trying to conceive!

Maheen 07/04/2019

I got the Nexplanon out in early April, we didn't try for one cycle so my body could adjust to being off the birth control. Then the second cycle we tried with Preseed. One thing I noticed is that a little goes a LONG way. They recommend using 4g, but we only used 1-2g each time. Had implantation cramps at 7dpo and got my first faint positive at 9dpo. I'm 5 weeks as of today!! On top of that my levels were so high that my doctor is 90% sure we're having multiples!!! So do I believe this helped, yes!! I will DEFINITELY be buying more for future baby making. (:

Annie 25/02/2019

After 12 months, we had no success and 1 miscarriage - not using pre-seed. The FIRST time we used this product, we got pregnant! THIS PRODUCT IS MAGICAL. I’m hoping this one sticks! I am floored - regardless if I have a MC or not (please please pray for me if you are reading this seriously) I will use this EVERY CYCLE because at least we got pregnant. I will update this review should this pregnancy work out. PS - my husband and I DTD every 2 days during my fertile period (not even every other day) and used this and it worked. MAGIC MAGIC.

Zobia 31/01/2019

tried to have baby for 4 years ..... and after first try i found out i got pregnant! worked perfectly

Saba Bilal 16/12/2018

It works!!! We conceived despite low sperm count and mobility.
This is a must buy for those TTC.

Beenish 03/12/2018

My husband and I used these for ONE cycle and got pregnant right away! So two thumbs way up for me!

Daneen 02/09/2018

Holy cow y'all. I have struggled with infertility for 10 years and I got pregnant the first time using this product. I am definitely a believer. I just got a BFP today. I am seriously in awe. Definitely recommend!

Sara 10/07/2018

We love knowing this is safe for the swimmers. I will warn you, though, DO NOT fill the whole tube applicator it comes with for use in one session. It was a slip n slide situation.

Sadia 27/06/2018

THIS STUFF WORKS WONDERS. My s/o and I had been trying to get pregnant for about 6 months before I knew about this stuff. I got pregnant the first month of usage!!!! Ladies, if you’re struggling to conceive and are getting discouraged, give this a try. A little goes a long way. This stuff is a miracle that created a miracle ????????????

Rizwan 30/05/2018

My wife and I are old, sort of. Decided she wanted a baby (her first, and my last I might add). After about a month of bumping uglies and her not getting pregnant (after being on birth control for almost 20 years she was jumping the gun a little), she looked this product up and decided we should give it a whirl. Definitely a little watered down and pretty expensive if you ask me, but whatever she wanted to keep up with the baby making efforts was worth it to me. After another month of humps, she became pregnant...now we have a full time cock blocker in the house (my other 2 kids from a previous marriage are only with us 3 nights/week). So yeah, it's possible to get pregnant while using this stuff, even for some people pushing 40's...like I said, it's watered down, so be prepared, not your typical lube.

Areeba 21/01/2018

Hi all, I am the wife of this account holder. This is my first and most likely only review that I will ever leave on anything. I don't even know where to start...this product made all the difference. My husband and I had been struggling for 4 years to get pregnant. Our next step was IVF. Before we made the leap, I decided to give this product a try. On the very first cycle using pre-seed we conceived. Pre-seed was absolutely the only difference in the last 2 years worth of attempts. I recommend pre-seed to any couple TTC. There is hope and...it appears that this is it. I'm writing this because like you, before I made the purchase, I read countless testimonies of success. Little did I know that one short month later I would be writing this. Good luck to all future families out there!

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