Brickell Men's Purifying Charcoal Face Wash for Men, Natural and Organic Daily Facial Cleanser Buy in Pakistan

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Brickell Men's Purifying Charcoal Face Wash for Men, Natural and Organic Daily Facial Cleanser, 2 Ounce, Scented

Size & Weight
Size: 1.5 in x 1.5 in x 3.0 in
Weight: 60.00 ML
Azeem 04/05/2020

This stuff is the best.. I have a SUPER dry face and so many things that really work like I want then too are too drying or irritating.. This is the most amazing, aggressive cleanser while also being extremely gentle, and leaves my dry face craazy soft and supple.. It is expensive though and goes pretty quick, but compared to what others are charging these days for far inferior products, this is more than I like to spend but is 1 of the few things I'll stretch to overspend because it really is THAT GOOD

Muneeb 22/02/2020

I really like this product because it works but it also has other great benefits. This face wash smells amazing and makes your face smell fresh. You can really feel it working if you leave it on your face for 1 minute. Your face starts to feel cool (cold) then you rinse it off and all the dirt and oil from your face gets cleaned off. I did minimal research before deciding to purchase this and I am very happy with my purchase.

Balaj 25/01/2020

I’ve been using this face wash now for about 2 years (switched from the Rugged & Dapper product). Bottom line: this stuff works, esp when you have to deal with NYC grime clogging up your pores every day. I use it in the shower once a day. Each bottle lasts me about 4 months.Like the product so much I have started looking at their other offerings (and that’s a big ask from a “don’t have any kind of routine” guy)

Shahzain 08/12/2019

Purchased this product. I was very surprised by the small amount (nickel size) required to do a fantastic job cleaning my face. You can tell its working as you wash your face. It almost seems as if it is grabbing deep down in your face cleaning out your pores. And, if that doesn't convince you be sure to use a white clothe. You'll see everything it extricated off your face. I wish I had got this the first time I ran across it. Worth every penny!

Abdul Qadir 23/11/2019

This stuff is amazing! I wear a hat all day at work and do a lot of physical work (that is, I sweat a LOT). My forehead gets irritated by the hat where it sits on my face and tends to get dried out, while my nose and areas under my eyes are more oily, so I have different skin types within my own face. This product really does a great job of getting my face clean without over drying out my forehead and without making my nose / cheeks more oily. After switching to this wash, within a week my irritated forehead got much better. Combined with Brickell’s face moisturizer, the irritation went away COMPLETELY. My skin is soft and nicely hydrated, and it smells great (the wife loves it). I highly recommend this for people with patchy skin or varying areas of dryness. Love it!

Atif 15/09/2019

I use this product every morning and it simply does the job so many other products claim to do. This so far is the only product that has eliminated my dry, flaky, oily, and red rash skin on my face. It leaves my skin feeling clean and clear. Since using this product , it has also helped me shave by clearing up blemishes, which has led me to buy the brushless shaving cream by Brickell as well; another great product. This has become a trusted brand and I will enjoy any future purchases from this company. I highly reccomend this product if you are having trouble with skin.

Alam 24/07/2019

I never spent a lot of time thinking about my grooming products. It usually came down to whether the scent was decent and whether or not the product ended up bothering me in some way - you know, made me itchy or irritated or with an oily residue feeling. If not, generally, it made no difference to me. I started reading some articles about men needing to pay more attention to what we’re putting on ourselves due to chemicals which could potentially be affecting things like our testosterone levels. I have no idea whether to take those issues seriously or not, but why take a chance. After reading reviews and thinking about what my preferences might be for a face wash, I opted to try Brickell given that they market their products to address many of my interests. Good choice on my part - I really like this face wash. Easy to use, refreshing and doesn’t leave me feeling like I’m “sacrificing” anything by trying to use more health-oriented products.

Amaan 20/04/2019

I have extremely sensitive, dry skin. I read many positive reviews of this cleanser and I tried it out. It smells great, feels great on my skin, and after I rinse it off my face doesn't feel like a dried lake bed. A plus is that only a very small amount of this product needs to be used at a time. It goes a long way. After washing I follow up with the Brickell moisturizer and my face is ready for the cool side of the pillow. I will be using these products for awhile. Very pleased with the quality of Brickell products. It's nice to have a genuinely effective skin care system for men who don't want to turn in their man card.

Ghaffar 23/02/2019

This charcoal face wash was the third Brickell product I've tried after good success with the face scrub and moisturizer I am at risk of becoming a brand ambassador for Brickell. After using this product in conjunction with the scrub and moisturizer as part of my daily routine, I am actually getting comments about my skin from my wife and family. I'm not really the type of guy who ever cared about this stuff, but I understand now that a little work goes a long way, with the right product. Brickell makes the right product.

Imtiaz 16/12/2017

I have this product for a while now after trying some of the most sold products online that either dried out my skin, or gives me break outs. I always have a dry and sensitive skin. This face wash is very gentle (keep in mind that this does not lather), yet it cleans my face well from the activated charcoal it contains. You can feel afterwards that your face feels very clean, smooth and hydrated and without any signs of irritation. PLUS, it contains natural and organic ingredients that you don't always find from some of the more expensive brands that contains chemicals that could be bad for your health. This one from Brickell gets the job done. So if you are looking for a man's organic and natural charcoal facial wash that cleans well without drying out your skin, look no further. You're welcome.

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