Rainbow Light Men's One Multivitamin, Once-Daily Nutritional Support for Men's Health Buy in Pakistan

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Rainbow Light Men's One Multivitamin, Once-Daily Nutritional Support for Men's Health, 150 Count (Pack of 1)

Size & Weight
Size: 2.9 in x 2.9 in x 5.4 in
Weight: 200.00 g
Aslam 23/05/2020

This is my second bottle of this product, and I like it. It seems to be responsibly made, from a good quality company. That's important these days, because quality control in the supplements industry is very questionable. The vitamin is well-rounded, and scored very well on Lab Door's quality assessment. That's where I came across this brand. My mom also says there prenatal vitamin is great too, and she's very picky about things. I'd recommend this.

Mehmood 05/04/2020

Really great vitamins that give me a subtle and sustaining boost of energy through the day and also help soften and accelerate a hangover on the day after an overserved night! I always take with food, but I have taken it without food which did not make me feel sick like other multivitamins I have taken in the past on an empty stomach.

Arif 17/02/2020

I’ve been using these vitamins for years. They’re high potency, but don’t upset your stomach. I take them on an empty stomach. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Shoaib 04/01/2020

I’ve been taking these for about a month now and don’t notice anything different from when I was taking my previous multivitamin. Perhaps that’s a good sign. No negative effects from them and they seem to work.

Abdullah 15/12/2019

I have been taking multivitamins since I was young, I can say that this product this bran has been the best vitamins I have eve purchased. I highly recommend this product.

Naveed 30/11/2019

expensive and the price always seems to go up and not down. anyway an excellent profile I cant find anything better (if you can please recommend a multivitamin). it seems like caffeine is being added to some decent multivitamins (assume for energy )which isn't something my body will tolerate anymore since going caffeine free.

Rashid 08/09/2019

Average sized tablets with an awful taste if you let it hit your tongue....but it works! Feel energized and healthier when taking these. Can feel the difference when I’m out. Food based & natural so there’s minimal (if any) synthetic ingredients. Just gulp down and enjoy the benefits.

Haseeb 25/07/2019

These work well for me to help me get my daily nutrients in. Highly recommended if you're looking for a men's multivitamin!

Murad 01/05/2019

Great vitamins. If subjected to high humidity levels the smell and taste get worse. Had to remove my non airtight weekly pill organizer from the restroom with these in it. But guess what I'm an adult and can deal with it. No vitamin tastes good thats not the point..

Tauqeer 21/01/2019

Second time purchase of these. First from vitamin shoppe now from amazon.com. I highly recommend these as the rating on labdoor.com says it is high in quality and value. Best multi I have used compared to GNC Megaman(good but expensive) and One a Days(cheap)

Adil Khan 18/11/2018

It's a vitamin. It's very affordable, it has almost everything you would ever want in it, and you get a large quantity of them. Doesn't seem to upset my stomach at all. I was taking GNC vitamins and I wanted to puke. I like only having to take one of them and I feel like they are absorbed pretty nicely. When I was taking GNC vitamins, my urine was almost neon yellow which tells me all of the vitamins are essentially wasted. These do still taste like your average multi-vitamin which is gross but according to some things I've read, a tablet has a much better absorption rate than a capsule.

Ehtesham Ali 11/09/2018

Been taking these for a while now. Way better than Centrum in that it does not cause me any stomach pain. Seems like it is easier to process and its food based! Can't get better than that. I took someone's advice on the comment section to take one table and cut it in half and take one in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening to make better use of it.

Shahid Iqbal 08/07/2018

I recently purchased this multivitamin because I was using a different one before in which I felt no difference when taken.
Let me just say, you actually feel a difference when you take this. You feel energized and more awake.
For everyone complaining about how it’s expensive, you get what you pay for. This is money well spent.

Abdul Basit 19/05/2018

After researching a lot about plant based multivitamins, I ordered this product on Amazon through DEALZ4LESS seller. The product arrived on time and brand new condition. I took it several days, but I felt constipated and upset stomach. I contacted seller to return the product. They responded me immediately and even though it was non-returnable, they still agreed to issue me full refund and keep the product. It is a very high quality product, just I did not feel comfortable. I certainly recommend this product. Excellent customer service from the seller.

Ahmad 19/01/2018

Amazing one a day vitamin. I went on a keto diet and wanted to make sure I was getting all the vitamins and minerals I might be missing out on so I picked up these. I take them in the morning with magnesium and calcium, if you take them on an empty stomach they tend to not settle right so I found it best to take it after a delicious breakfast with a cup of your favorite coffee. I will most definitely be ordering more once my bottle runs out in a few months.

Raheel 10/12/2017

I am not a physician but I feel the difference when taking these comparing to more famous brands. I think the company needs to show that the extra percentage/amount of each of these vitamins in the tablets are clinically Okay-ed. One person who I was trying to have him switch to rainbow, asked me why don't Nature made increases the percentage of each vitamin in their tablets if it is OK to do so!!
I also hope Rainbow was more known by doctor. Biggest wish is that one day rainbow can be purchased at Costco in bigger size and at a better price.

Manzoor 22/08/2017

Most people should be taking a multivitamin -- but talk to you doctor to find out what the right one is for you. I tried Centrum and One-A-Day vitamins but found they weren't complete. Rainbow Light has a ton of what you need packed into one pill. Did I mention one pill? I didn't want to take 3 or 4 pills a day. Just one and done. Perfect. The taste is meh, but if that'll all the downsides, there are more benefits than not.

Shakeel 31/05/2017

According to research, this is one of the best, most natural multis on the market, AND THE best for the money. Google it yourself and see what I mean. Or save yourself the time and just order this. Hard to know how good these actually ARE aside from the research, since all good and bad multis feel the same as you gulp them down and cross your fingers. IF you are going to take a multi, then just get this one.

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