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Conceive Plus Personal Lubricant, Pre-Filled Applicators 3x4g

Size & Weight
Size: 1.6 in x 2.4 in x 4.5 in
Weight: 20.00 g
Nabeeha 03/05/2020

We had tried for three months unsuccessfully and the first month we used this product I got pregnant. Of course you need to know when your ovulating. But I’d say this product definitely worked for us. Highly recommend.

Fozia 15/03/2020

It worked! We had been ttc for 7 cycles. I put it in 15 minutes before doing the deed. The first cycle we used it worked. I got my BFP on Friday!

Hadia 10/03/2020

It works!!!!! My husband and I lost our first baby in 2014. We have been trying to the last 6 months with no luck, I purchased this along with the herblove preconception tea and got pregnant the first month!! It was just the boost my body needed. I highly recommend it! It also helps with vaginal comfort while TTC. Healthy baby wishes for all..

Salma 22/02/2020

Worked first time. Not sure if it was just "'meant to be" or what. But we tried 2 months and no-go. Got this stuff and I'm pregnant.

Iqra 01/01/2020

after years of trying, i ordered this product and it worked on the first try!! i was in utter shock.

Batool 10/12/2019

We got pregnant our first month using this! We also had my husband take a fertility supplement so I can't say for sure it was one or another but this seemed to work well.

Uzma Nasir 23/09/2019

My husband and I have tried for three years and a friend recommended conceive plus. I figure why not. Well I'm happy to say after first time trying we are expecting!!

Sara 24/07/2019

Pregnant within the first month of using. Highly recommend this product over Preseed as it does not contain any parabens.

Nadia 11/06/2019

We're pregnant! I missed my rag the following month of using it. The smell isnt bad at all and the lube makes things more comfortable. I'm super happy with my results :). I can't speak for everyone but it did work for us. I recommend the product, good luck to you all!

Mahira 06/05/2019

I've heard so many good things about this so I decided to buy it. My husband was going away for work so we used it 5 days before I ovulated and got pregnant. I honestly wasn't sure how soon it would work if it did at all but it was so worth the money. Expecting baby November 7th!

Anamta 23/03/2019

My husband and I had been trying for a few months to get pregnant with no success. The FIRST MONTH we used this product, I got pregnant!! It really works! I don’t write reviews for stuff normally, but I’m amazed!!!

Kanwal 31/01/2019

I used preseed for my previous pregnancies. It worked, but also gave me yeast infections. So when we began TTC our third I decided to look for something else. We weren't able to conceive right away using the multi-use tube (external application), but once we used a vaginal applicator we conceived right away.

Nimra Tariq 25/12/2018

I don't know if it was a coincidence or what but after 4 months of trying and 6 months of not trying/ not preventing before that, we got pregnant the first month we used conceive plus!

Alishba 22/09/2018

I liked the personal applicator version, I never even told my husband that I had applied it. I bought a box and used it only once or twice and was pregnant that month. After TTC for about 7 months. So when it was time to try for baby #2, I used it again and was pregnant that month! I truly think it would have taken much longer had I not used this product. Worked like a charm. Good luck to all you ladies trying to conceive!

Wajeeha 28/08/2018

We were trying for over a year to get pregnant again after having our daughter on 2016. Without any luck I did my research and found Conceive Plus! The first month we used it we became pregnant! I was in shock. Overwhelmed with joy. Turns out I am very dry down there and was not giving his sperm a smooth ride to my egg. This stuff made it safe travels for that to happen! Sadly we ended up miscarrying at 8 weeks in June. We decided to give it another try and once again used this Lube and I am ecstatic to announce we got a BIG FAT POSITIVE this morning! Definitely recommend this product! Baby Dust to all! Xo

Hiba 20/05/2018

I tried pre seed for a few months with no luck. My 7th month of trying I used this my entire fertile period and had a positive pregnancy test 2 weeks later. I am now 18 weeks (happily) pregnant with a baby boy! Not sure if it was a coinsidence or not but I deff believe in this product and will deff be using it when we start trying for baby #2

Humna 13/05/2018

After only 2 uses I am pregnant! After 5yrs of trying to conceive I am now 35 weeks pregnant about to give birth to a healthy baby boy ????❤️????

Zara 02/03/2018

Really works! Found out I was pregnant a month & a half after trying it!

Maheen 01/03/2018

We got pregnant on our first try using this stuff! A little is all you need

Sonia 07/01/2018

Love this product. It's great for people that are sensitive in their private area.

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