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Pheromones to Attract Women for Men (Armour) - Exclusive, Ultra Strength Organic Fragrance Body Cologne Spray - 1 Fl Oz (Human Grade Pheromones to Attract Women)

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Weight: 30.00 ML
Amir 03/05/2020

Great scent, bought before. Will keep buying. As long as it is delivered undamaged.

Mohsin 22/03/2020

First night out with it on I was complemented by so many woman for my cologne, and even managed to get more than a complement ????It works exactly like described and I will definitely be getting more.

Nazir 31/01/2020

I really like the fragrance of this cologne, it has a nice clean smell. I have had compliments while wearing this cologne, but I not sure if it's the fragrance or if it's the pheromones, but this is one my favorite colognes now.

Haseeb 08/12/2019

I was stopped by a young lady while at the Baltimore Inner Harbor and asked the name of the cologne. My co worker who normally don’t speak to me all of the sudden began speaking and respectfully touched me. Hand on back and shoulder.

Munir 03/11/2019

This is the most amazing cologne oil I've ever tried. It's a great value, smells wonderful and lasts throughout the day.

Faiz 01/11/2019

CAUTION! It works extremely well. I got more attention first night I used it from Females

Sameer 24/09/2019

The scent definitely catches the woman's attention, but I wouldn't say I became irresistible, rather more woman gets closer than they ordinarily would. Which allows a more intimate charm to occur.
The only thing I didn't like but is slightly minor is the longevity of the scent, would like it if somehow the scent can last 5-8hrs.

Shahid 08/09/2019

This stuff smells good. Ok I recieved a defective bottle. Jessica was very nice. I finally made contact. She is sending me a replacement. I can't ask for any better.

Adnan 23/02/2019

What more to say? My wife thinks it's quite the scent! She gets close, sniffs ... sniffs again ... this repeats a few times! I would say mission accomplished! Great stuff!

Hamad 12/01/2019

The scent is soft and not appalling. I do notice and increase in attention and flirting from some ladies....even at a tailgate outside a stadium (somewhere that i thought the smell and scent would not be picked up. 5 stars for me

Zohaib 21/12/2018

Smells mild, not over powering, the effects are powerful, I like this product alot, works very well for what I bought it for, no not just to smell good, yes this works. Buy it... I plan to buy more.

Umer 09/09/2018

This is a great product. Every time I put it on people ask me what it is I'm wearing and they all just love it. The only thing that I would say is that the spray bottle it came in is a little faulty. The first time it made a mist but now it just makes a direct stream. So I just spray it into a cloth and rub it onto my clothes.

Danish 04/07/2018

I used this product to attract women into conversation, the rest is up to you

Ejaz 19/06/2018

Good smelling cologne. I like the fact it last longer than less concentrated brands. I can’t speak to it’s effectiveness attracting women, but can declare that it smells nice to those I’ve encountered.

Farham 01/03/2018

Well all I can say is I like the product it's a really good scented smell and I believe it is in an oil form cuz I got it in a spray form and the nozzle broke but other than that I still used it as an oil base and quick story short I went out to a nightclub that I usually go out every weekend to and I was impressed I was actually talking to woman that we're coming up to me and believe you me I'm a good person to conversate with and listen and what happened that night is my business.other than that it is really a great product and probably stick with this because of the oil base smell it has cuz I bought two of them and the other one is called the gentleman for him both are great and have good cologne smell....really great product I'd recommend it! Worth your buck

Hawwa 06/01/2018

I test out a lot of colognes. I usually use Burberry and Guess but sometimes I step out of the box and try new things.
I have another oil based cologne that is similar to this one but this one smells much sweeter. The scent is pretty strong and lasts a while. I like it a lot. I have only used it once so far and loved it. I will be purchasing an extra bottle.

Murad 12/11/2017

Firstly I originally got the package damaged, when I went to open it up the entire bottle was cracked and all the liquid had spilled out. If I would have removed the seal it would have shattered into pieces. I contacted the vendor and they were wonderful in responding and replacing the product with fast delivery without any hesitation so for that I am very thankful for their efforts. And the product smells wonderful even if you just want to use it as a daily cologne I would recommend it.

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