Buy Original YO Home Sperm Test for Android, MAC and Windows PC Devices | Check Description for Compatibility | Men's at Home Fertility Test

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YO Home Sperm Test for Android, MAC and Windows PC Devices | Check Description for Compatibility | Includes 2 Tests | Men's at Home Fertility Test | Check Moving Sperm and Record Videos

Size & Weight
Size: 7.0 in x 3.0 in x 5.0 in
Weight: 230.00 g
Saad 02/05/2020

I like it and its fast results.

Faham 01/05/2020

Item was exactly as described worked great.

Rohaan 07/03/2020

The yo sperm test was so easy to use. I feel it was accurate as well. I will definitely be purchasing refill kits in the near future.

Usama 26/01/2020

This was unbelievable. You can see everything. It's amazing.

Arslan 25/11/2019

Its projections were very low. It said the court was 6 million per ml and the lab said 353 million per ml (the Dr. Was quite impressed). It was a lot of fun to use but I wouldn't take it as gospel by any means. For about the same price you can get a detailed analysis at the lab.

Umair 06/10/2019

Worked great. Pregnant right away. Much easier than doctors appointment.

Taufeeq 29/07/2019

This works really great! The video quality is so nice! So easy to use and instructions are clear. Will be testing again in a few months. And will buy replacements when needed. So glad i didn’t have to go to doctor for this, testing in the comfort of home is superb! Very happy!

Hashir 05/05/2019

We have used this several times after hubby's vasectomy reversal. It's super easy to use and fun to see the little swimmers.

Zaroon 23/03/2019

Loved it. It was really easy to use and the video was worth every cent. Whenever my wife says anything about swimming, I pull out the video, which I've added the song "Immortals" to, and we watch those bad boys shoot all over the place. Helpful product, and the entertainment factor is phenomenal. Considering getting it as a Christmas gift next year for every guy I know.

Asad 10/02/2019

The first time j uses it the tutorials very quick to load and very informative. It connected easily to my phone and didn't have any problems getting my results. The only down side is that two test refills cost as much as a new kit with two test kits Included.

Abdul Ameer 18/01/2019

Ok this thing is cool. Extremely easy to use. Results are good, a lot of my guys are good swimmers????

Zain 25/12/2018

Absolutely wonderful product! Easy to use and not cheap!! We had an issue with my device the second time we used it, it froze during testing. I called the company and they sent me a whole new test kit. Great customer service.

Amad 22/11/2018

I like that you get a video and you can actually see the sperm and get the reassurance that there's actual movement and not just a verdict

Mustfa 09/09/2018

Worked 100%, the video is very helpful gives you peace of mind that you're not getting a false positive. you can see them with your own eyes.

Muneeb 18/06/2018

My wife and I are doing IVF. When the time came for me to produce, all of the little guys were dead. It was a huge step back. Sperm has a life cycle of around 74 day max in Male testies. Instead of waiting months to see my specialist, I looked for a sperm testing kit. This was the only one I found. I took two tests two weeks apart showing active and mobile sperm. The quantity was less than 6 million, however it only takes 1 sperm to fertalize an egg. Today, at my urology specialist I showed home and the trainee the two videos. He absolutely concluded that I have enough sperm to get one of the 4cfrozen eggs pregnant. I would reccomend this test to anybody that has doubts about their sperm count and whether they are active or not.

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