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Major Curves Butt Enhancement and Enlargement Cream (1 Bottle)

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Weight: 180.00 ML
Aroosa 05/05/2020

Been using this for about a month, and it definitely works. I'm a guy, my body type is rather thin, and my butt was a bit flat, decided to give this a try. It really works! I've tried other supplements and products, and this one has work the best so far. My butt is a lot fuller and round. So if you're a guy curious about trying this, give it a shot! It works great for men too

Zobia 01/05/2020

This cream works almost instantly!! My butts gotten much firmer throughout each use and I've also been using some exercises to help increase with the fullness. It's helped me fit better into my jeans, will continue purchasing! So glad I found this product!

Zoya 13/03/2020

I can feel it working once the cream has been fully rubbed on. It’s a small goosebump tingle that wears off after two minutes. But I’ve been using this cream for about two weeks now and I have noticed a difference. My butt is more perky and round.

Rabia 24/02/2020

I love this stuff it really works, i apply twice a day like the directions say and i saw results by the end of the first week. and my butt has filled out I'm in love wit the volume but it's definitely plumped thicker firmer and FATTER all in just 3 weeks the results is Amazing you should give a try it's worth money ????

Rimza 26/01/2020

So I purchase Butt Enhancement cream, Pills and Vitamin. IT all work. I LOVE IT!!!! IT PLUMP my butt up... OMG. PLease try it. However you have to be consistent. Everyday same time Real Results Real Booty!!!!!! ALL NATURAL!. it wont make up gain in stomach. Which i think is Amazing!

Fizza 07/12/2019

The scent wasn’t too bad. I like the size of the bottle. Does feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. I’ve only taken it for 3 days and butt does feel and look a little plumper already. Will check back in in a week or so to let you guys no if I’ve seen more progress.

Zara 14/10/2019

This product is great, I’ve been using it for about a month now and my Butt looks good. My butt was wide and flat, this product has given it a rounder shape, it’s actually poking out some. I’m excited!! I’m definitely going to keep using this and order more!

Aalia 08/09/2019

I'm from a family with good shape but im the only who don't have buttocks, I ordered this enhancer and it came in quick,after 5 days my aunt started noticing my shape it's so nice,went for weekend to my boyfriend and he also saw the difference,but I don't really use it much and I'm in good shape,if I try it two times daily and don't skip a day, it will be better. I love this enhancer. It's good.

Mahnoor 12/05/2019

My sister told me about this product and I was skeptical about the effectiveness but it actually work. I will continue to purchase it. I am really surprise this really works.

Kausar 26/04/2019

I purchased the three major curves last month
The pills, cream and the dropper. It really worked. I wish I had purchased more cream
I ran out of it. I can't wait for the cream which I reordered. I used glutimax in the passed. I use to swear by it. Honestly, I saw a faster and larger increased in two weeks.

Muneeba 01/03/2019

I purchased this cream about 3 weeks ago and I can already see a difference, my booty feel more heavier and looks more fuller and bigger! So far I’m loving it I will be purchasing more once this one is about gone. Also I’ve been taking the drops going on 2 weeks now and I’m thinking they are making the process of the look of my big booty move faster so I highly recommend this cream and the drops. Happy Customer ????

Iffat 27/02/2019

I was using IsoSensuals CURVE (used 4 bottles over 5-6 months), but decided to try Major Curves Butt Enhancement because the price was cheaper. In my opinion, the Major Curves product worked just as good as IsoSensuals, if not better! I could tell the difference in just after one bottle of Major Curves. I am completely satisfied with the results, I just purchased a second bottle and will continue to use Major Curves.

Maham 26/01/2019

YESSSS..this does work and fast at that. I usually dont leave reviews on products but had to on this one. I tool the pills and the rubbed on this cream twice daily with no exercise and now have a nice rump back there. Finally a product that really works and well at that. No false hope with this one.

Yumna 18/01/2019

I can't write a paragraph long enough to explain how well this cream works. I purchased the pills also and I cam truly say they work miracles together and NO I am not being paid to give a positive review, this is my honest opinion. MOST DEFINITELY will be buying more when I get paid.

Maira 29/11/2018

I’ve been using this for a month now and am using as directed. I still have quite a bit to go before the bottle is empty. I wanted to wait a month to write my review just so I can share the results. I started using it on March 22,2019, I measured around my hips and butt which was 35.45 inches and as of today, April 22, 2019, my butt and hips are now 37 inches!! So it did get bigger from using this product 2x a day. I am also taking Brazil Boost orally 2x a day. But, I can’t wait to see what it will be in 3 months or even 6 months from using this! Bonus, it makes your skin so soft and reduces stretch marks!

Rabia 10/09/2018

No bs! This a real review I purchased major curves in january 2018.I apply the cream twice once in morning and once at night.I already had a big booty just wanted some more inches and let me tell you others started to notice in 2 weeks that my butt was bigger!! I could feel it myself and I been so lazy I haven't done any workouts and I still seen will not be disappointed in this company

Areej 20/05/2018

This product is amazing! I will continue to order more soon! Here are some photos after one week (the blue shirt is a before photo and the gray shirt is after one week)

Hania 13/05/2018

I Don't Know Which One I Love More . Major Curves Butt Enhancement Pills Or The Cream????! The Pills Were Outstanding But The Cream Is Just Amazing !! I Got The Best Results Afte A Shower Because My Pores Were Open. I Mainly Focused On My Hips, Thighs , And Butt And The Cream Blessed Oy Those Parts & Nothing More ! I was Shocked Because Most Reviews I Read Before Purchasing This Product Said That It Didn't Work.. But Everyone Is Different, So I Purchased Them To See For Myself. I Got Exaclty What I Was Looking For . I Still Have My Results Today . THANK YOU SO MUCH MAJOR CURVES! Every Curve Looks NATURAL Thanks To You❤!!!

Kirat 03/02/2018

I've lost a bunch of weight doing keto, and I tried this because I saw a big reduction in my butt as the weight came off.
Don't expect a miracle, but I definitely see a difference only 3 weeks in. This product even won over my skeptical husband who said it couldn't work. I will update and post a before and after once I'm done with the bottle.

Rida 04/01/2018

I ordered the pills, drops and cream. I used the cream more religiously and recently my two best big booty friends have made some really raunchy comments (lol) about the size of my butt. I thought I had gained a little weight and may have, but this past weekend sealed the deal. I went to GA with one of my besties and she kept making comments and kept telling me to look at my butt in the mirror. She apologized if she was making me uncomfortable and she said it was round. YEA! I just laughed until I saw her pouting and doing squats while looking in the mirror, from behind, asking me what I did. She has always had the shape. No, I did not do squats, but I think I will start to increase the effects.

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