Revaree Hyaluronic Acid for Vaginal Dryness by Bonafide – Non-Hormonal Sale in Pakistan

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Bonafide - Revaree Hyaluronic Acid for Vaginal Dryness – Non-Hormonal, Paraben-Free (10 Inserts)

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Weight: 300.00 g
Nusrat 05/05/2020

I've been using these for 2 weeks now, every other night. They are easy to insert, no scent, no fuss. I am much more comfortable and able to have sex without pain for the first time in a year! So happy I found this product! The hormone creams felt uncomfortable and gave me awful headaches.

Maheen 21/03/2020

Very smooth and natural feeling. Completely moisturized without greasiness.

Zainab Ahad 02/02/2020

So far I e been very pleased with your product. I’m using it for vaginal care after having a total hysterectomy. It’s helped a lot with dryness.

Noreen 31/01/2020

They were a little uncomfortable to place. Price is high. They work extremely well for me.

Sabeeha 17/12/2019

When one can't use estrogen products, Reveree is a wonderful replacement. My gynecologist actually recommended this product. It delivers as promised.

Kalsoom 19/10/2019

Couldn't use estrogen products,; gynecologist recommended Revaree. Very satisfied that it is working as well as previously prescribed med.

Sumaiya 19/09/2019

My OBGYN recommended for releasing peri menopausal symptoms. Not sure if it’s the only reason, but most problems have been solved.

Sana 08/09/2019

It really works like a miracle. My doctor recommended it and it is the best thing since menopause. Really works!

Nazia 07/09/2019

Read most of the reviews and second guesses my purchase. Happy to report I had no issues with inserts and felt the difference almost immediately.

Rida 30/08/2019

I used this product to assist with dryness caused by cancer treatments and hormone blocker medication

Khadija 25/06/2019

Very happy with this product! I felt its moisturizing effects almost immediately. I am now using it once every week, and it's working great!

Faria Naz 18/05/2019

First of all, I was looking for a product that contained hyaluronic acid. I first chose this product because it had only two ingredients and did not have hormones or a long list of ingredients that could be dangerous chemicals.
Second, the product works. It does what it claims to do: it hydrates, lubricates, and ensures comfort in intimacy.

Mishal Haris 22/04/2019

I ordered this for the hylaraunic acid to hydrate my lady parts. This acid is used in many products that encourage your tissues to absorb water, instead of just coating your tissue. The first time I used it I had a little burning for a few hours (I was just getting over a vaginal infection and the tissue was sore & inflamed. I have had no further irritation.

Hania 28/03/2019

Wow!!! What a difference this has made!! Oh so grateful for this product. Little pricey but worth every penny. Very easy to use!

Balqis 20/03/2019

Good lubrication for menopausal women.
Better than any product I’ve tried.

Nabila 09/01/2019

I finally feel comfortable. Plus no hormones and no mess!

Aalia 24/12/2018

I've only used this twice and I can't believe the results! I would recommend this to any woman with vaginal dryness!

Jamila 24/08/2018

No Hormonrs! Vaginal dryness ! This product is the best for menopause and after

Najma 20/05/2018

Had been using estrogen inserts, but began having swelling/discomfort. This product is MUCH better, and no side effects.

Sadia 14/02/2018

Revaree really works. I am 67 years old and have dealt with dryness and pain during intercourse for a long time. I have used many other creams and nothing worked for me. After using three suppositories I had relief from both symptoms. Revaree brought romance back into my marriage. Thank you Revaree!

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