Glutathione Dual Whitening/bleaching Soap

Glutathione Dual Whitening/bleaching Soap
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Zoya 03/05/2020

Does jyst as it states. Great soap and suds up nicely.

Aqsa 22/03/2020

Seems to be working. I'll make another order soon, my skin is cleared up and brighter. More even toned and light.

Mirha 25/01/2020

Bought for my girlfriend she loves it and I do too her skin is beautiful

Nimra 16/12/2019

I’m glowing and bright love this soap it truly is gold

Safia 11/10/2019

I'm not sure about the lightening aspect, but this soap cleared my oily acne-prone skin probably because of the kojic acid properties. I used it on my full body during the summer months and it was great, this soap will become a staple.

Ayat 15/08/2019

This is my 3rd time buying this soap and I love it. Make my skin look brighter and a little lighter. Good for lightening acne scars and dark marks.

Bakhtawar 18/06/2019

I used this to lighten my dark inner thighs. I noticed a difference after I got through one bar. After two bars, 90% of the uneven tone was gone. The before and after is night and day. I'm so pleased. I'm planning on now lightening my knees and elbows.

Zara 24/05/2019

I truly Love this soap. I've been using it for years now. It doesn't really leave your skin with much moisture. But it does lighten up dark spots. And help even up your skin tone. If your trying to get rid of really dark spots or scars. Then I recommend you use this soap daily. Twice a day. And use your normal daily moisturizer afterwards. And your good to go. Thanks! ????

Zainab 13/05/2019

I am a longtime fan of kojic acid soap this is my first time trying it with gluthathione. I did notice that it dries your skin a little so you have to make sure you use extra moisturizer after shower. It will lighten your dark spots. Wear sunscreen and moisturizer when you go out, you don't want any burning or reversal change. I only use product in winter/ spring...

Anabia 20/04/2019

This works with consistent daily use. When you achieve your desired outcome stop for a while, then you can return to using. It worked faster on my face and chest than my elbows or knees as expected.

Afsheen 23/02/2019

Cleared up my face!!! And nothing has ever done that, even prescription acne treatments. Definitely has a little bit of a burning sensation and effect if left on for too long though, so be careful. I can't attest to it's bleaching abilities.

Laiba 01/02/2019

I had bought this soap based on the recommendation of my sister because I need a soap that would help clear up the acne and dark spots in my face and I can definitely say this soap has done just that and more. I would recommend you do use a moisturizer after each wash because it does dry your skin out. I would also recommend that you don’t leave the soap laying down in a soap dish I leave mine more up right after I dry it off because when leave flat in my soap dish it melts away very fast. Each soap last me up to a month using it twice a day

Maria Hassan 26/12/2018

I’m going to be very honest. Yes it did lighten my skin about two tones. I am a mahogany complexion and it made me a cinnamon after about 8 months of use. It will not drastically lighten you or make you light skin. And severe warning do not wear this over about 30 seconds on your skin it will burn you. I made this mistake being a dummy and left it on for 3 minutes and it burned my neck off. Lastly, it will not fade permanent scars, so if you want an more even toned appearance this is for you. Just be careful with the time and cut it into small blocks to save from it melting away quickly.

Fatima 17/09/2018

i ONLY HAVE WHAT I LIKED THE MOST. It took out all the acne spots that was on my face in less than two weeks. my skin looked really young and smooth. I love it and thats what i use now. I have no side effects and have been using it for a while now. I highly recommend it to people that have skin problems.

Areeba 11/06/2018

I bought this soap to get rid of melasma and blemish spots on the face. What I did was grate the soap with a cheese grater, both bars. Then you add 4 cups of distilled hot water to the grated soap in a bowl. Take a stick mixer and blend till its the consistency of body wash. It makes a lot so as you add more water to thin it out it will make more liquid soap. You need to find bottles to store it in because there will be a lot. And so far the soap is working.

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