Buy Infrared Thermometer,Non-Contact, Accurate Infrared Reading for Baby, Toddler, Kids and Adults in Pakistan

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Infrared Thermometer,Non-Contact, Accurate Infrared Reading for Baby, Toddler, Kids and Adults

  • Kardia Mobile ECG for Apple & Android devices

    • About Infrared Thermometer

      Notice: 1. Actual color may be slightly different fromBlunt wraps Cigarettes Cigars Dipping Nicogel Smokeless,dissolvable Electronic cigarettes E-cigarettes Non, non-nicotine vaporizers (also called vitamin vape and aromatherapy pens)E-Hookahs Thermometer Forehead temperature range: 32C-42degC Object temperature range: 0 ~ 180degC Basic accuracy: 32-42degC accuracy ± 0.3degC

      Also affect the temperature measurement. Whether the distance is 5-15cm. Advice before first use: In order to obtains stable and reliable measurement data, E-liquid juice, electronic cigarette juice, smoke juice, or similar refill liquids Electronic pipes Electronic cigars Nicotine nebulizers Smoking cessation products that have,Tabex Smokeless products Arriva products Chew Chewing Dip Dissolvable Snuff Snus Wad products Accessories for such products, and it should be stable and adapt to the ambient temperature You can use it to measure more accurate values.

      • New and replacement cartridges Atomizers Batteries Clearomizers
      • Smoke juice or similar refill liquids Nicotine inhalers or nasal sprays

      Get instant results by simply pointing the laser at the area you want to measure

      For the best accuracy the thermometer weedkiller herbicide should be 1-2 in/ 3-5 cm away from the object

      Using double battery, the Kardia Mobile ECG for Apple & Android devices screen can display the power. Let you know the power of the thermometer in time.

      The result is displayed within 3 seconds and is specially designed for human Medicine Minoxidil 7%,body Medicine finasteride temperature.

      Fast response time, know the results in time, take less time, and solve quickly.

      Important information

      Legal Disclaimer

      Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Size & Weight
Size: 6.7 in x 4.2 in x 2.2 in
Weight: 5.40 oz
Zaroon 03/06/2020

Very Nice product.

Kinza 18/03/2020

With everything going on recently, I knew I had to keep my family safe and make sure they were healthy. We had a lot of moments where we thought we were sick and putting a thermometer under your tongue took too long. We bought this and I’m not joking, we’ve been having so much fun with this. My little sister will run around the house taking everyone’s temperature and yelling out the results. We try it under different conditions like after being exposed to cold/ hot water and it is definitely accurate. It only takes about 1 second before it displays the results. What’s even better is that it will automatically display 3 different colors depending on your temperature level. Anything red or yellow and you know you have a problem.

Neelam 11/01/2020

Very easy to use.

Saqib 20/12/2019

The thermometer works very well In multiple surface. It react very quickly when the laser touch to the surface. This will help in the temperature measure for body or food or wall. this thermo tool can also help to keep away from COVID spreading

Ali 18/11/2019

No touch is fabulous when you don't want to spread germs. It is accurate and fast. And it has a cute little carrying bag to store it in.

Salman 27/07/2019

Bought this for daycare. Touchless is better so I don't have to disinfect for each child . And I have compared with my old one which is regular thermometer but still works good. the temperature outcome are almost same . Although it's a little bit expensive, for its convenient and accuracy ,it's really worth .

Ahsaan 20/05/2019

I got this one 2-3 weeks ago, It works for me. Non Contact and 1 Second Measurement. You can store up to 35 temperature readings and recall them at any time. Also Sound Reminder is really good feature. High-accuracy infrared measurement, intelligent algorithm, audible alert for over-temperature. The HD LED screen displays clear and crisp numbers that are easy to read.
I tested and recommend.

Tahir 12/02/2019

I like that this product is non-contact and has the ability to store 35 temperatures. It is very convenient and easy to use. No cleaning needed between persons since it is non-contact. I run a small business (4 employees) and I purchased this product to conduct temperature checks.

Husna 18/01/2019

This is an awesome contact-free thermometer. Easy to use - just push a button. Green dot shows where it is reading from. Large easy to read results (in F or C). Makes it fuss-free to take temperature from kids/babies, and makes it super easy and fast to take temperature from anyone. Great right now, especially in the time of covid-19.

Arsal 17/12/2018

With everything going on with the COVID-19 virus, I decided to get a thermometer.
And after doing some research I decided to try this one out.
It's digital, you don't have to touch the skin and it has quick response.
It's easy to use and the manual was also easy to folow.
I made sure it was set to Fahrenheit, than you just click wait for the beep and voila
you have your temperature reading.
I've used it every day with another thermometer and its always got the right temperature.

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